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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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As it is correct to have a shave
Как правильно бритьсяWe have to thank progress for such remarkable invention as the shaving machine. Smooth, close shave without irritation of skin, burning, cuts is of what each man dreams. But why it is so difficult to make, apparently, such simple thing!?
How to do anti-cellulite massage of the house
Как делать антицеллюлитный массаж домаWhat is cellulitis – almost each woman knows, perhaps. That only did not think up for fight against cellulitis! One of the most effective anti-cellulite remedies still remain massage. We are also going to talk about it for
How to become beautiful
Как стать красивойBeauty standard, changing from an era by an era, in something nevertheless remained it is invariable. Each woman can be beautiful, and for this purpose it is not obligatory to lower half-salaries on exclusive cream or miracle masks. It is necessary to follow only simple rules from …
Care of teeth
Уход за зубамиPresently we prefer to eat the soft food rich with carbohydrates. Teeth are not cleared, and on the contrary, find a thick layer of a bacterial plaque and collapse under the influence of the chemicals containing in food. There is a certain scheme of toothbrushing, following this scheme, it is possible to clear all surfaces of tooth effectively.
Care of nails
Уход за ногтямиModern cosmetology firms are ready to offer the whole series of means on care of nails. Many of such means are really very good, but, unfortunately, not each purse is ready to incur such expenses. Therefore is ready to offer some recommendations, following which your hands and nails will be in perfect tune.
How to get rid of cellulitis
Как избавиться от целлюлитаIt is still not known who and when for the first time said the term "orange-peel", but it is unambiguously known that the problem of cellulitis faces the female population for a long time. Cellulitis makes the life of many women miserable, forcing to hide under bathing suit shorts, to put on free clothes and to refuse to itself a choice of beautiful erotic linen.
How to get rid of dandruff
Как избавиться от перхотиMeet on clothes... You will not argue with it. Hair are "clothes" of our head and if they not as it should be, it is difficult to modern person to feel comfortable. Especially heavy it is necessary what head and shoulders are covered with dandruff.
How to strengthen immunity
Как укрепить иммунитетZachikhal, began to cough, or is even worse – fell down a week - another with flu, will surely tell: immunity is weakened. Became covered by red rash, having eaten an excess chocolate, - and this time failure in work of immune system will be an explanation. would like to share knowledge, that such immunity and about ways of its strengthening.
How to eat properly
Как правильно питатьсяThe question – how to eat properly – excites any person wishing to derive from food not only pleasure, but also advantage. Healthy nutrition – guarantee of health of an organism. The huge number of diseases arises because of improper feeding.
As it is correct to sunbathe on a beach
Как правильно загорать на пляжеFor certain not once it happened to you to scorch on the sun so to explain that such the solar burn is not present need. Let's talk better how to sunbathe in the pleasure and thus not to get solar burns.
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