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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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With what to wear a skirt pencil Clothes
С чем носить юбку-карандашSkirt pencil – the most universal and classical way to decorate the woman of any age and build. She ideally hides shortcomings and emphasizes advantages and, perhaps, already will never get out of fashion. And if to put on it with the "correct" things and accessories, a skirt pencil it will become simple a well of your clothes.
Arrow on a mark "style". Top-5 hours of a season Accessories
Стрелка на отметке «стиль». Топ-5 часов сезонаWatch is a not only useful accessory, but also a style element today. The classics, sport, a vintage - what style you would not adhere, hours will only emphasize your aspiration to look harmoniously.
Churn essential oil Beauty and health
Эфирное масло бейAll of us know that essential oils are very useful not only to health in general, and and for appearance skin and a hair. If about burdock or castor oil for appearance the hair was heard by all, here about essential oil beat it is known not to each woman.
Articulation gymnastics Beauty and health
Артикуляционная гимнастикаNeed articulation gymnastics not only children, but also many adults, especially those who often addresses a large number of people. The articulation gymnastics is capable to develop mobility of bodies of organs of articulation and to help to develop the correct and full movements of articulation bodies.
Massage of head skin Beauty and health
Массаж кожи головыMassage of the head is capable to bring benefit to any type of hair. But you should not forget that massage of hairy part of the head leads to stimulation of sebaceous glands therefore if you the owner of an oily hair, is best of all to apply means to massage and treatment of head skin, rubbing them a wadded tampon.
How to increase growth Beauty and health
Как увеличить ростThe person is always dissatisfied with the appearance, a hair color not such, a shape of lips, a nose and you never know the reasons for discontent with? Someone does not like own growth … But if hair can be recoloured, to change a shape of a nose or lips by means of plastic surgery what to do with growth? Really with it there's nothing to be done?
Jewelry for hair the hands Accessories
Украшения для волос своими рукамиBeautiful hoops, elastics, zakolochka – these accessories are pleasant to all girls, girls and women. And want to learn to do original jewelry for hair by the hands? You think, what it is very difficult? On the contrary! Production of jewelry for hair – very fascinating and not so difficult occupation.
How quickly to grow nails Beauty and health
Как быстро отрастить ногтиPractically each woman dreams of long beautiful nails. Of course, it is possible to ask for the help the expert, and many and do, and then in few hours of a hand look well-groomed. And it is possible to try to take advice of cosmetologists how quickly to grow nails, especially, today at peak of popularity there are, natural nails.
Stounterapiya Beauty and health
СтоунтерапияWhat associations at you arise to the word "stone"? Firm, smooth and cold? Or warm, gentle and curing? The people who recently visited the southern stony beach or … in beauty shop on the procedure which received the name "stounterapiya" incline to the last characteristic.
Diet of ballerinas Beauty and health
Диета балеринThin to be very fashionable today. But in the 21st century the relation to leanness changes more and more and the woman most often wants to lose weight in two cases: to look esthetic and to solve problems with health.
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