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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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How to get rid of circles under eyes
Как избавиться от кругов под глазамиDark circles give to the face rather tired, than old look, and the only question which you will hear from people around, it something like the sympathizing: "You very much were tired?" In this article will give some important and so necessary advice of subjects for whom circles under eyes became a problem, but not result of an unsuccessful make-up.
How to reduce irritation after shaving of feet
Как уменьшить раздражение после бритья ногYou use the razor to take away hair and to make skin of feet beautiful – smooth and brilliant. Driving the razor on feet, you do not think at all that on them there can be unattractive red spots. What to do? recommends the following procedures allowing to avoid a redness and an itch after shaving.
Correct posture it is so easy
Правильная осанка - это так легкоDoctors consider that to learn to hold the back directly never late. The earlier you will begin, the it is more than chances that in the future you will manage to avoid the old-womanish bearing caused by osteoporosis. Therefore will tell today what actually the bearing is considered correct, and what exercises need to be done for its improvement.
How to give to eyebrows the beautiful form
Как придать бровям красивую формуEyebrows, be they dense and bright or thin and graceful decorate the person not worse than the most careful make-up. To the contrary, inaccurate eyebrows can spoil work even the best stylist. Therefore your eyebrows are worthy special attention. To make them attractive it is rather simple, but it is necessary to know from what to begin what to do and when to stop.
Fashion trends (fall 2007)
Тенденции моды (осень 2007)Here imperceptibly already there passed a half of summer. We will not manage and to look back as will become cold, from trees the foliage will start falling down – and the fall will come. offers you the review of autumn collections of the brightest and interesting fashion houses, the setting main tendencies in fashion for fall of 2007.
How to arrange SPA procedures at home
Как устроить SPA процедуры у себя домаSPA is the abbreviation literally meaning "health by means of water". Still in the ancient time people understood, the sources beating from under the earth, especially hot can be how useful. What is SPA and as it is possible to organize for himself similar therapy in house conditions, and is going to tell.
5 secrets of beauty from Paris Hilton
5 секретов красоты от Пэрис ХилтонThe beautiful successor of "throne" of a network of hotels – Paris Hilton now at popularity peak. Any secular news do not do without it. We bring to your attention some councils thanks to which, each of readers of, irrespective of a state will be able to become a star of the life and a subject of imitation for people around.
Technology of nail extension
Технология наращивания ногтей"To think of beauty of nails", - the obligatory rule of the modern woman. Alas, beautiful long nails by nature – destiny of the few. What to do? It is possible to try to solve a problem as it is possible well filing nails that they did not break, and it is possible – to address to specialized salon where your nails will approach to an ideal by means of technology of nail extension.
In total about eyelash extension
Все о наращивании ресницAs eyelashes of advertizing beauties - long, dense, fluffy are good! The tremendous effect, but is reached it not as a result of use of the advertized ink at all, and by means of absolutely other procedure. will try to devote in all subtleties these are arts of creation dense, long, and, above all, indistinguishable from own eyelashes.
How to get rid of extensions
Как избавиться от растяжекDuring pregnancy any future mother feels the mass of fears. At least, one of them – fear to lose former beauty – is connected with possible emergence of extensions. Is going to talk about the possible reasons of emergence and ways to get rid of extensions of in this article.
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