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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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ПирсингPiercing is the most ancient way of decoration of a body since Ancient Egypt. On light millions of people have on a body various punctures on all body: ears, nose, lips, navel etc. But uneducated it is difficult to present all variety of jewelry of a body which permissibly to make by means of piercing.
How not to grow plump at the holiday table
Как не располнеть за праздничным столомHaving seen off all guests, having washed up all ware, and with relief having thought that at last the holiday ended, we for the morning with an aching heart become on scales. Yes, indeed – superfluous couple of kilograms. And after all promised, swore that we will gather also excess gram. But, alas, figures on scales inevitably show the return.
Technology of massage of feet and feet
Техники массажа стоп и ногMassage of feet and a foot differs from, say, massage of a back a little. In this article will tell, than massage of the lower extremities is so useful as to make it to the loved one in house conditions how to mass feet and feet to itself, and also that in the field the saloon industry is ready to offer us.
Modern alignment of teeth
Современное выравнивание зубовStatistically only at 40% of people equal teeth and the correct bite. Can be the cause of rough teeth both heredity, and more ordinary reasons. Happens also that the size of a jaw does not correspond to the size of teeth – they do not have a place. Untimely replacement of milk teeth can also play a role …
As the intimate hairstyle (bikini design) becomes
Как делается интимная стрижка (бикини-дизайн)Today each woman aspires to an ideal. A fashionable stylish hairstyle, an ideal not defiant make-up, the tightened buttocks, an elastic stomach, smooth feet, intricate forms and flowers a marigold, and, of course, bikini design. "What it for fruit – bikini design?" – you ask. In this article prepared answers to this and questions adjoining to it.
How to get rid of a smell from a mouth
Как избавиться от запаха изо ртаIt is difficult to mark the moment when you have a smell from a mouth. However, over time you will start noticing that friends try not to approach close during conversation... Only the relatives can decide to point to you to this problem. Let's understand that causes this disgusting smell and as to get rid of it.
How to choose fitness club
Как выбрать фитнес-клубSurprising business! Why people go to be engaged in fitness clubs? Personally I already "suffer" from this business of years six. We go to the hall just because us not only will teach to work on a body, but also will watch that we did not bungle. Therefore, first, going to a fitness studio, learn who will teach you.
Reddening of eyes, useful tips
Покраснение глаз, полезные советыThe problem of red eyes is familiar, probably, to each adult. Unlike other problems with eyes reddening easily is found independently: the smallest blood vessels on a surface of eyeballs extend. Reddening can often be avoided, and at emergence of a redness to try to hide – and is going to tell about it.
How to get rid of bruises
Как избавиться от синяковBruises, or in a different way hematomas, in most cases we receive, having hit something. At blow blood vessels burst, and blood from them spreads under skin, causing a swelling change of color and morbidity. When next time you get bruise, remember useful tips from
Aromatherapy in house conditions
Ароматерапия в домашних условияхSince the healthy lifestyle became fashionable, different types of nonconventional medicine in which gifts of the nature are applied became more popular: branches of plants, flowers, leaflets, backs, peel of fruit. In this article will tell about an aromatherapy and about everything that with it it is connected.
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