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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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How to straighten hair the iron Hairstyles and hairdresses
Как выпрямить волосы утюжкомAs it in a feminine way, owners of ideally straight hair dream of beautiful ringlets and a curly hair, and here the last sleep and see themselves with smooth equal hair.
How to remove acrylic nails in house conditions Beauty and health
Как снять акриловые ногти в домашних условияхVery many women complain that procedure of building and removal of artificial nails very much spoils then their nail plate. However specialists in nail extension categorically do not agree with similar statements. As by them it is noticed for a long time, ladies try to save the money on this procedure and remove artificial nails independently, using everything that is near at hand.
How to make the Hollywood ringlets Hairstyles and hairdresses
Как сделать голливудские локоныBeautiful, well-groomed hair play huge role in an image of the woman, that is why ringlets and curls will never get out of fashion. Of course, in beauty shop to you without problems will make the Hollywood ringlets, but to visit every day the stylist expensive pleasure therefore dear readers of, it would be desirable to tell you how to make the Hollywood ringlets in house conditions.
RF lifting: features of procedure Beauty and health
RF-лифтинг: особенности процедурыThe modern cosmetology does not stand still and develops literally with great strides thanks to what we, women, can keep the natural beauty and youth for many years.
Brazilian keratin hair straightening Hairstyles and hairdresses
Бразильское кератиновое выпрямление волосDaily hair straightening by means of the iron – long, labor-intensive and tiresome process which bothered all girls wishing to have a smooth straight hair. Besides daily influence by high temperatures deeply injures hair, depriving of them the vital force and gloss. As to be if disobedient curls stick out in different directions?
Advantage of chocolate Beauty and health
Польза шоколадаChocolate all – irrespective of age love, nationalities, a social status or religion. This delicacy is most favourite at millions of people on the planet.
Secrets of beauty of Cleopatra Beauty and health
Секреты красоты КлеопатрыWhether Cleopatra was beautiful? In this respect opinions differ. One claim that she was beautiful, others that her appearance was far from perfect to argue with that it was incredibly well-groomed, however, difficult. We can approve one for certain: to this day it is a standard of feminity and charm.
Microdermabrasion Beauty and health
МикродермабразияOne of the most popular and available procedures is for today microdermabrasion which else often is called "polishing of skin". Thanks to it it is possible to achieve at the same time two positive effects: to relieve skin of dead cages and by that to prolong her youth.
Apple cider vinegar for weight loss Beauty and health
Яблочный уксус для похуденияThat only women do with themselves in a pursuit of a beautiful figure. Exhaust themselves with dangerous diets, drink the forbidden preparations, and long-awaited figures on scales, both was not, and is not present. Nutritionists with might and main blow that ate only natural products, it concerns also vinegar. The special diet which cornerstone apple cider vinegar is is known even, and already how she is effective, knows
Mediterranean diet Beauty and health
Средиземноморская диетаThroughout many centuries to inhabitants of the solar romantic coast of the Mediterranean Sea traditional food kept health, beauty, prolonged life. This phenomenon was carefully investigated by physicians and nutritionists then they drew a conclusion that the culinary recipes popular in these warm countries will be useful also to other people.
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