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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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What is the aphrodisiac? It is useful to know
Что такое афродизиак?Legends of ancient Greeks say that their goddess of love Aphrodite possessed a belt into whom four wonderful forces were put: love, passion, desire and bewitching force. And people tried to find all the time substances which could give them such forces. Called the substances helping with love, mankind aphrodisiacs, in honor of the great goddess of love and the temptress Aphrodite.
What is the Tantric sex The unknown
Что такое тантрический сексEach person seeks to learn new feelings and sides of admissible pleasure, especially when business concerns the most intimate sphere of life. Here the tantra – the Indian philosophical system which unlike practice of the Kama Sutra, means spiritual unity of partners comes to the rescue.
Manual hydraulic carts. Well about the useful It is useful to know
Ручные гидравлические тележки. Доступно о полезномIt would seem, about the warehouse equipment all have heard a lot today. That is approximately everyone knows that such the loader carrying boxes with goods on large shops warehouses or electronic bathroom scales for weighing of these boxes.
What is the tsvetoterapiya It is useful to know
Что такое цветотерапияEach hunter wishes to know where the pheasant sits. This simple children's saying about flowers of a rainbow is probably known to each of us. And after all not for nothing the color palette of a rainbow so bewitches – each tone bears the individual emotional and mental color. Proceeding from it, the most interesting technique of treatment of various diseases by means of color was developed.
Value of birthmarks in the face and body It is useful to know
Значение родинок на лице и телеYou sometime thought of sense of the word "birthmark" and what these specks on a body actually mean? And after all this cosmetic defect, and for someone a peculiar ornament, plays much more serious role in our destiny.
Advantage and harm of gelatin It is useful to know
Польза и вред желатинаMany hostesses add gelatin to food because there are such dishes which without it simply you will not prepare. But there is a gelatin – a product very disputable, and it brings to an organism, both advantage, and harm.
Advantage and harm of beer It is useful to know
Польза и вред пиваBeer – the most ancient intoxicated product which totals over 9 millennia of the history. This bitterish, foaming grain drink in the misted-over glass had army of adherents at all times. But, despite positive tastes of beer, its harm to an organism it is also obvious.
How to organize a wedding abroad Holidays
Как организовать свадьбу за границейHere this most long-awaited instant in your life came: made you the proposal of a hand and heart. Ahead there are a lot of efforts and experiences about the forthcoming wedding. What she will be where it to carry out and how to organize everything so that this celebration was remembered well?
Chinese calendar of sex determination of the child The unknown
Китайский календарь определения пола ребенкаPregnancy – an important and significant vital event. It is followed by a set of various emotions, experiences, and also mass of questions. And first of all future mother is interested in what floor there will be her kid.
How to learn telekinesis The unknown
Как научиться телекинезуYou consider yourself as the ordinary person? Want, will open for you telekinesis riddle secrets? Do not trust? By means of our simple recommendations you learn to move any subjects, even without raising hands!
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