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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Whether it is possible to grow thin quickly without diets and exercises Beauty and health
Можно ли быстро похудеть без диет и упражненийWell, who from us does not like to eat tasty? Thus we with bigger probability will lie down on a sofa or we will sit at the monitor, than we will go to the hall to drive excess calories. In any case the hall, we even come for walks infrequently. The result of a similar inactive way of life and improper feeding of does not keep waiting – nearly a third of all population of the developed countries have serious obesity.
Tar soap from spots Beauty and health
Дегтярное мыло от прыщейClean, gentle and smooth skin does the person tidy and attractive, unlike existence of eels, spots, greasiness and irritation on a face. For this reason it is necessary in every way to try to make toilet as appearance, you see, plays large role at communication with people. Especially – an opposite sex!
As lymphatic drainage massage is carried out Beauty and health
Как проводится лимфодренажный массажThe technology of this massage improves circulation of a lymph and its state. Lymphatic drainage massage is some kind of "general cleaning" of all organism. Let's learn more about a popular technique, advantage and contraindications.
What to do at cracks on skin of hands Beauty and health
Что делать при трещинах на коже рукBeautiful well-groomed hands it is not simple the card of any woman, but first of all an indicator of her health. Our hands most of all are exposed to external negative impacts. Contact with household chemicals, dust, dirt – all this is unsafe for gentle skin of hands.
Face packs with an aloe Beauty and health
Маски для лица с алоэAbout miracle properties of an aloe many have heard a lot. But not all know about its impact on face skin. Try to add also you this ingredient to the face pack and will see how your appearance will change: complexion will become fresh and to look you will be younger.
Advantage of closing of nails Beauty and health
Польза запечатывания ногтейWhen your nails become fragile and dim, it is impossible to restore a nail plate after building procedure, it is necessary to use a natural and useful method of treatment of nails – closing.
Tredlifting for rejuvenation Beauty and health
Тредлифтинг для омоложенияPractically each woman starts reflecting with age how to avoid aging of skin and with fear peers into a mirror, considering the appeared new wrinkle and a fold. Options to slow down flight of time it is a lot of also one of them – a tredlifting.
Masks for hair with pepper Hairstyles and hairdresses
Маски для волос с перцемIt is possible to look after hair by means of ready lotions and masks, and it is possible to resort to the help of natural means. One of them is pepper. This component actively influences bulbs of hair, thereby awakening their growth and protecting from loss. Influence of pepper so strong that not each expensive cosmetic can be compared to efficiency of this component.
Use of oil Beat for hair Hairstyles and hairdresses
Применение масла Бей для волосThe secret of strong and healthy hair is solved. Only some drops of natural essential oil Beat at regular use are capable to strengthen the thinnest and weakened hair, to prevent their loss and to accelerate growth. Know about useful properties of this means not only fans, but also producers of cosmetic production of the whole world.
Vishnevsky's ointment from spots Beauty and health
Мазь Вишневского от прыщейVishnevsky's ointment was invented by absolutely incidentally field doctor during the Second World War. Since then passed already more than half a century, but still the medicine does not know more effective and universal remedy for treatment of various skin diseases. Ointment is capable to relieve of local irritations, to facilitate a state at a furunkuleza and to help to say goodbye once and for all to spots.
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