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Rounds and excursions

Councils for rounds and excursions in the best resorts of Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Greece and many others, including on the organization of rest for children.
Rounds and excursions: all articles
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Sights of Zvenigorod
Достопримечательности ЗвенигородаThe former summer residence of the sovereign Alexey Mikhaylovich Romanov (father Peter I) – Zvenigorod, it absolutely nearby. Only 45 kilometers from the Moscow belt road on the West – and you get to "the Russian Switzerland". Here relic pine pine forests on hills and, speak, the bottomless glacial lake Deep, ancient earth shaft from a fierce vorog – the word, good fortune.
Sights of Catalonia, Spain
Достопримечательности Каталонии, ИспанияSo, after long labor everyday life you at last decided to have a rest! You, of course, fans not only on a beach to get warm, but also to receive a heap of positive emotions from contemplation of monuments of architecture, to visit legendary places and many other things. If yes – that welcome to Spain!!! Here each tourist will find that to him will be to liking.
Sights of Suzdal
Достопримечательности СуздаляThe best time for movement in time (from 100 to 1000 years ago) – morning of the day off. For example, to appear in the X-XVII centuries of the Russian history it is enough to go for 200 kilometers from Moscow to the city of Suzdal and with ecstasy to plunge into "the symphony of old times far".
Rest in Cyprus, the city Pathos
Отдых на Кипре, город ПафосIn this article I will tell everything that I know about the city Pathos − very ancient city with traces of an Ancient Greek civilization. This city is suitable for the tourists combining the rest with survey of local sights which in Pathos − the small town − there is a lot of. Generally, having chosen rest in Pathos, you will definitely not regret!
Sights of Venice
Достопримечательности ВенецииVenice – one of the most romantic and most beautiful cities of the world. Uniqueness of the city is that historical Venice is located on 118 small islands connected among themselves by bridges and divided by channels. Visit of Venice was my dream since the childhood which came true! Floating on channels of the city to you that you got to the magic fairy tale.
Travel to Pereslavl-Zalessky, sights
Путешествие в Переславль-Залесский, достопримечательностиAbout Pereslavl-Zalessky hundreds of articles and responses are written. Any searcher will give out you sights and memorable places of this amazing city. It would not be desirable to duplicate information which is laid out on Internet open spaces therefore I want to share with readers only that really surprised, set thinking that mentioned my inner world.
Sights of Strasbourg
Достопримечательности СтрасбургаThe people happening in the city of Strasbourg – this ancient center of the French province of Alsace (on eastern frontier with Germany) constructed still by ancient Romans on river banks Or, – about impressions usually answer inquiries enthusiastic briefly: "About!". Only grandiose constructions a sort from the last centuries make unforgettable impression.
Trip to Madrid with children
Поездка в Мадрид с детьмиEveryone to whom has the luck to wander with children, knows that it is absolutely special type of travel for which it is necessary to prepare with big diligence and validity. I want to tell about a trip to the country which is so hotly loved by most of the Russian compatriots. As many already guessed – it will be a question of Spain and its hospitable capital of Madrid.
Ambramtsevo's estate, travel to the fairy tale
Усадьба Амбрамцево, путешествие в сказкуPerhaps, the most captivated place in the woods situated near Moscow – the state historical and art and literary memorial estate "Abramtzevo". From the middle of the XIX century the mystic force attracts prose writers and poets, artists, musicians and thousands of travelers here. It is enough to enter gate of the hospitable estate – the soul to the abramtsevsky fairy tale forever sticks.
Sights of St. Petersburg
Достопримечательности Санкт-ПетербургаSt. Petersburg I was lucky to visit three times. If to tell that this city is beautiful then not to tell anything. It is extraordinary beautiful, unique, mysterious and attractive. City fairy tale, city museum. Peter gets to fall in love many of those who visited him. I was not an exception. Every time, leaving it, I dream of new appointment.
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