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Articles about various complexes of physical exercises. Power, respiratory, exercises on flexibility will help to develop and strengthen muscles, and also to make correction of a figure and separate parts of a body.
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Scandinavian walking
Скандинавская ходьбаIf you met on the street of the person who among summer goes with ski sticks and in sneakers, do not hurry to call to it the ambulance, and ask him on this new and already fashionable type of fitness better. As enthusiasts speak, walking with sticks is not waste of time if to be engaged in it seriously, it is possible to restore the health perfectly.
Hadu's gymnastics
Гимнастика ХадуHut – very young type of the improving, all-strengthening, rejuvenating gymnastics. It was developed by the native of Tbilisi Zviad Arabuli quite recently, the age of this technique does not exceed 20 years.
Set of exercises bodifleks
Комплекс упражнений бодифлексBodifleks is a modern unique technique which is directed on weight reduction and reduction of volumes of a body. The bodifleksa is the cornerstone a series of the exercises which are carried out at a certain breath. Correctly built breath promotes fast disposal of excess centimeters and kilograms.
Yoga for women
Йога для женщинWomen always want to look better and to feel ease in a body. But so it turns out that we do not get on well at the prompt modern world and we forget what to look after for the body and it is necessary to pay enough attention of sincere harmony. There is one checked way to be beautiful and cheerful is a yoga.
Pole dance – dance which is available to all
Pole dance – танец, который доступен всемPole dance does you better, stronger and replaces thousands of psychologists. As a rule, people think that Pole dance it is very difficult. It is necessary to be strong, it is necessary to be flexible, it is necessary to be graceful. Actually you need only courage. To become Pole-dancer it is necessary to be courageous.
Step aerobics
Степ-аэробикаBeautiful legs, harmonous, slender waist, royal bearing, vigorous look, optimistical spirit. All this can achieve, being engaged at least two times a week on a usual bench under rhythmical music.
Kallanetika - a way to an ideal figure
Калланетика - путь к идеальной фигуреHarmonous, charming and attractive are eager to see itself many women. But here to limit itself in food, not everyone constantly wants to carry out some exercises. Well how to cope with temptation when you stand at a plate, and on a beautiful dish just baked apples pies, ruddy donuts, gentle cheese cakes, a small fish in magnificent batter attract …
How to rise on the bridge
Как встать на мостикThe gymnastic bridge is taken a detached view very beautifully. Those who it is done, can brag excellent physical of a form and flexibility. And if you dream to learn to get up on the bridge long ago, it is possible to begin already today, together with useful recommendations from
Occupations strip plasticity
Занятия стрип-пластикойNow a strip plasticity it is very popular with women. This one of the directions of dancing aerobics combining a mix of beautiful movements from modern, classical, ball choreography, acting skills and art of seduction.
Food before training
Питание до и после тренировкиThere are many myths how it is necessary to eat before trainings. Someone says that it is necessary to train on a hungry stomach, someone claims that after classes it is necessary to close a mouth on the lock and crumbs. Also very inconsistent opinions on the water use.
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