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Councils for the organization of holidays. Original scenarios of holding anniversaries, birthday, weddings, New Year's and other holidays. How to choose gifts, cards, toasts learn in this section.
Holidays: all articles
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What to present to the child (from 0 to 6 years)
Что подарить ребенку (от 0 до 6 лет)What to present to the child? This question excites all adults from time to time. After all so there is a wish to guess with a gift that the baby did not put it in a far corner, and it was played and spoke to all: "Here that the godmother presented to me!". Having collected experience of several mothers and having interrogated uneven-age children, it would be desirable to share valuable information.
Drinks to a holiday table
Напитки к праздничному столуIf cooking is a duty of the hostess, the holiday table is from some party examination. Hostesses know that it is correct to give it is necessary not only dishes, but also drinks, after all they can skillfully complete furniture and luxury of a table. Drinks should not be in an excess, but has to be enough for all, they have to supplement, but not eclipse a dish.
As it is original to decorate a New Year tree
Как оригинально украсить новогоднюю елкуMagic time – the eve of New year. Decorate your fir-tree unusually, and the coming year will bring you many pleasant changes. Simple recommendations from will help you even some hours prior to peal of bells to decorate a New Year tree and to celebrate a holiday in due form. Give vent to the imagination, please and surprise the friends and relatives!
Anniversaries of weddings: traditions and gifts
Годовщины свадеб: традиции и подаркиKnowing names of anniversaries and tradition related which came to us from our primogenitors, it is possible not to puzzle what to present this day to a married couple if you are invited to a holiday, and to spouses to bring in a holiday something unusual to their family. But, of course, all traditions have only advisory nature.
St. Valentine's Day
День Святого ВалентинаIn our country there are a lot of holidays. There is a holiday with which we can be told the western neighbors "infected" are St. Valentine's Day. The idea of such romantic holiday quickly got accustomed in Russia. Today will tell everything that it is necessary to know about this day, will share traditions, ideas of various gifts, original ways of celebration.
How to choose fireworks
Как выбрать фейерверкNow any holiday does not do without fireworks. And if earlier the sky blew up in millions of fires only for New year and the City Day, now fireworks – an integral part of any birthday, an office party or a wedding. As it is correct to choose fireworks that the holiday did not end it is deplorable – today in article on
Celebration of Christmas
Празднование РождестваWith the first of December, all of us are covered by a presentiment something magic and fine. If New year – a holiday wordly, Christmas is ranked as the main church holidays and along with Easter is one of the lightest and great events. wants to tell the readers about history and customs of celebration of Birthday of Christ.
Light holiday of Easter
Светлый праздник ПасхиSoon spring day when in the house and on streets not traditional wishes of kind morning, and the word sound "Will come Christ revived!" and reciprocal "Truly revived!". These cheers will announce the lightest Christian holiday – Easter. At this greatest religious event there are a lot of names, Easter call Light Revival, Velikodnem.
Celebration of Maslenitsa
Празднование МасленицыThe most cheerful and nourishing week when almost in each house bake various pancakes, treat with them guests, see off winter and meet spring. As you understood, on it is about Maslenitsa which is inseparably linked with idle mentality of the Russian people. Maslenitsa — a holiday which was celebrated still by our Slavic ancestors. Indispensable attributes become bright ruddy pancakes were.
How to choose a New Year tree
Как выбрать новогоднюю елкуOn the eve of Christmas and New Year's holidays of wants to tell the readers about such important issue as purchase of a New Year tree. It is difficult to tell precisely when and where there was this tradition, but still far back in the past people thought that in trees there live kind spirits and often hanged out on branches various gifts, trying to cajole them.
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