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Rest and entertainments

Councils for a variety of your rest. What unusual entertainments to think up to itself at a leisure, where to go to have a rest and many other ways of relaxation - about everything read in this section.
Rest and entertainments: all articles
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How to receive more pleasure from life
Как получать больше радости от жизниSometimes happens that the monotonous circle of office everyday life seem absolutely infinite, and our dreams, seemingly, ceased to come true for a long time. Means, it is time to change something. And it is best of all to begin with trifles. Important daily trifles which will support us and will bring more bright paints in life. offers you easy ways.
How to give romantic party
Как устроить романтический вечерIn a fussing rhythm of modern life we often cease to pay attention to the main thing – warmth of the relations in a family. Behind daily cares of the spouse and lovers somehow gradually for themselves lose tenderness and awe of the first appointments. Romantic walks imperceptibly change a route: now you go not to park, and to a supermarket after work.
Rules of the game in the Russian billiards
Правила игры в русский бильярдIn Russia billiards appeared in the XVIII century: after visit to Holland Peter I, having learned about this game, ordered to make a billiard table for itself. Gradually this game started removing to noble families and clubs. In the middle of the XIX century in Russia there were first billiard factories which are letting out rather qualitative billiard tables and accessories to them.
As it is correct to play in bookmaker office, part 2
Как правильно играть в букмекерской конторе, часть 2In last article we found out that the bookmaker office for the uninitiated player in total balance of prizes and losses differs from a casino a little. So allows some players to win against the bookmaker after all? After all the bookmaker office has one essential difference from a casino – a greater influence of a human factor.
As it is correct to play in bookmaker office, part 1
Как правильно играть в букмекерской конторе, часть 1Since ancient times of people liked to conclude a bet. Former "an eagle and a reshka" turned into more serious types of disputes. Now rates on various sports competitions in bookmaker offices are very fashionable. But here how to play and thus not to remain in minuses and with an array of problems, I tried to understand today.
How to excite the woman
Как возбудить женщинуThis question interests many men – after all not everyone is sure for 100% that completely satisfies the darling. Many loving couples have problems over time in the intimate sphere which briefly can be characterized so: "he wants, and it does not". Today we will tell you how to excite the woman, to kindle a flame of passion of your girlfriend.
If you decided to become emos
Если вы решили стать эмоUndoubtedly, all of us noticed on streets of the cities of dark-haired boys and girls, with the bang squinted sideways, dressed in black-pink clothes, with a bag through a shoulder, uveshenny badges. I think, all already know that it is so-called emos. This the article was devoted to the story about the one by whom such emos actually and how it is possible to become one of them?
What to do if it became boring
Что делать, если стало скучноDoctors claim that it becomes boring for all of us when passes enthusiasm and feeling of novelty. Of course, still nobody was bored to death. However it can cause you many problems and sufferings. The boredom pulls down a personal self-assessment of the person, causes a depression. considers that with boredom there is a medicine. Here some ways which will help you to make life more interesting.
What sex is wanted by the woman
Какого секса хочет женщинаWhat sex is wanted by the woman? Ask this question of the man not the first millennium. Each of us, has certain desires and imaginations. Often they are indistinct and various, but nevertheless, have certain main outlines. Give together with we will try to understand, after all having solved though some of them can be excited female desire fine.
Where it is possible to bathe in Moscow
Где можно купаться в МосквеTo Moscow the heat crept imperceptibly. Stem of thermometer rises, as in that song: "everything is higher, both above, and above", and "not to hide, not to disappear from a heat". The only rescue – water. To choose suitable water for external application, study the list of the places for bathing resolved by Department of Rospotrebnadzor for the city of Moscow.
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