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Psychology of the personality

Councils from psychology area which will help not only to lift to themselves and another mood, but also by means of simple tricks to get rid of shortcomings of culture of communication.
Psychology of the personality: all articles
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How to get rid of sense of guilt
Как избавиться от чувства виныSense of guilt – one of basic feelings of the person. However there is a huge difference between the concepts "be guilty" and "feel the guilty", after all often this feeling is shown absolutely unconsciously and has no relation to fault real. And in such cases it is necessary to be able to get rid of oppressive sense of guilt.
Dependence on social networks
Зависимость от социальных сетейThe social network is a universal remedy of communication and search of people, with its help it is always possible to be in touch, to learn news about friends. But the problem consists that many become dependent on communication on a social network. There is a full replacement of the real relations by the virtual. And even at awareness of dependence, it is not possible to get rid of it.
Preparation for performance before public
Подготовка к выступлению перед публикойFrom time immemorial special significance was attached to performance before public. This art in perfection politicians, actors and scientists of the past owned. Today importance of a public statement increases more and more. In many respects success of the report depends on the level of preparation for it and existence of a certain experience.
The increased uneasiness at children
Повышенная тревожность у детейIf you noticed that your child constantly worries about something, cannot often concentrate, is clamped, talks with strangers by the low shivering voice, "the ball in a throat" complains of dryness in a mouth and, it is possible to assume that it has an increased uneasiness. Recently it is observed increases in number of such children. What reasons promote it?
Psychology of positive thinking
Психология позитивного мышленияI always envied positive people. At them everything is remarkable: children – healthy, work – fine, the house – a full bowl and steadily great mood. It seems, this property is granted to them by the nature. Perhaps. But, in principle, each person can become positive. The main thing – to want! A spirit on positive thinking – business acquirable.
The child-free – voluntary childlessness
Чайлдфри – добровольная бездетностьFor Russia voluntary childlessness – the phenomenon quite new therefore it is not surprising that in modern Russian society round child-free was created many stereotypes which do not have relations to reality. It is interesting that many Russians, not persons interested to bring children, did not even hear about the concept "child-free" and quite often stay in confidence that with them "something not so".
How to cope with a seasonal depression
Как справиться с сезонной депрессиейYou live to yourself you live silently... and here suddenly all not so: also there is no wish to rise in the mornings, and work ceased to please, and home does not pull. There is a wish to have a sleep, eat, and then once again to have a sleep. Behind a window it is dark and cold. Horror. Such thoughts torment many inhabitants of our planet during the autumn and winter period of year. Ways of fight against such state are known and available to everyone long ago.
Methods of effective planning of time
Методы эффективного планирования времениIn the modern world the greatest value not money, but information and … have time. Yes, time. And in it big paradox of progress. On the one hand we have a set of means that it is a high time to save it. And still it madly is not enough for all of us! That prevents us to live as we want and how effectively to operate the time, I will share with readers in this article.
Internet dependence: signs and treatment
Интернет-зависимость: признаки и лечениеYou like to be online for hours? Waking up in the morning, first of all run to turn on the laptop and check mail or new messages on Schoolmates? I congratulate, you have first signs of Internet dependence. No, it not a mental disorder, and it is rather, bad habit. About to what she can lead and as to get rid of her, read in today's material.
How to get rid of causeless apathy
Как избавиться от беспричинной апатииApathy. Overcame laziness, life is boring and monotonous. When the problems created in life are the reason, in process of their decision also the pleasure is restored to life. But quite often apathy is causeless. Life takes its course, all are live, healthy, but something presses heavy freight and does not allow to enjoy life. What to do how to get rid of apathy? Let's understand together.
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