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Hairstyles and hairdresses

Councils for a choice of female and man's hairdresses (hairstyles). And also useful information about fashionable short and long man's hairstyles, wedding and evening hairdresses, styling sprays and another.
Hairstyles and hairdresses: all articles
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Glazing of hair
Глазирование волосNothing can be compared to beauty and force of natural hair. That the nature presented to us! Modern girls are arranged so that constantly want to change something in the appearance.
Means for thermoprotection for hair
Средства для термозащиты для волосHair of the modern woman daily are exposed to a large number of damages – various laying by the hair dryer, irons, curling irons, use of cosmetics, all this though does a hairdress well-groomed and beautiful, but does irreparable harm to structure of a hair.
How to define the type of hair
Как определить свой тип волосHair of the person daily are exposed to a set of tests. Sunlight, cold and windy weather, an adverse ecological situation or unbalanced food – all these factors are capable to deprive our locks of splendor, gloss and a healthy look. The correct and careful care of hair will help to support them in primitive beauty.
Remover for hair in house conditions
Смывка для волос в домашних условияхHappened at you such that at last found a hair-dye with such beautiful shade of which dreamed only in dreams, applied it on hair, the put thirty minutes hardly waited, wash away, and there … Here for such cases also thought up a remover for hair.
Dimeksid for growth of hair
Димексид для роста волосIn each country, in each big city and the small settlement of the woman always considered hair the main weapon. And to have a dense shock of brilliant hair, went for any tests. Creams, masks, oils – not the full list of means by means of which the desperate young women try to restore elasticity and gloss of the ringlets.
How to spin braids
Как плести косичкиWith approach of spring on city streets it is possible to see many girls and girls with beautiful hairdresses braids. Braids can be met the most various and this true art! If you mother of the charming baby, you need to learn to do various plaits, and your girl will be the owner of the most beautiful hairdress.
Carving for hair
Карвинг для волосGentle soft ringlets of female hair always attracted views of men therefore on what only shifts do not go women to make the hairdress curling. Recently the increasing popularity is gained by a carving – this same wave, only hair spoil less.
Corrugation for hair
Гофре для волосWomen by nature - natures changeable. Today they want to have a hairdress with a straight hair, tomorrow – with magnificent ringlets. Here, perhaps, and all. But the fashion does not stand still and now it is possible to diversify the image, having made a hairdress in style a corrugation.
Brondirovaniye of a hair
Брондирование волосProcedure of a brondirovaniye of hair – rather new phenomenon which already managed to win the army of fans. A tendency of the last time – aspiration to creation of natural beauty therefore many girls give preference to the natural shades which are visually increasing dimensions and an ukhozhennost of hair.
What vitamins are necessary for hair
Какие витамины нужны для волосVitamins play an important role in life of each person. The lack of vitamins leads to sad consequences. Especially the hair loss during the spring period afflicts. How to avoid "molt" and to make hair brilliant and strong, will tell you
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