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Councils about tailoring and to leaving for man's, female and even a kidswear. Information for every taste: from sportswear to fashionable and elite. And, of course, the help in a choice for pregnant women.
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With what to wear oxfords
С чем носить оксфордыOxfords – classical leather shoes with the rounded-off sock which distinctive feature is the closed lacing, a special line on a welt and a wide steady heel. The similar footwear is rather universal though at first sight can seem that it demands careful approach to formation of ensemble with its participation.
With what to wear a fur vest
С чем носить меховую жилеткуMany women do not represent the clothes without products from fur, whether it be gloves, boots, a bag or a fur coat. And recently fur vests enjoy the increasing popularity. This bagatelle is quite universal, after all approaches practically any figure, besides is capable to add chic and grace to any image.
Evening dresses 2014
Вечерние платья 2014Issue – the event making tremble any representative of a fine half of mankind. The similar state is directly connected with appearance, after all any lady wants to be always on the ball and to look delightful and is unforgettable. Invaluable service in it will be rendered by an evening dress – the elegant and magnificent weapon which is present at an arsenal of each woman.
Modern style grunge
Современный стиль гранжGrunge style in clothes (in translation from English – dirty, slovenly) appeared in the 90th years of last century, as a youth protest against the standard rules and standards. It is known that at first style grunge was one of the directions in rock music which generated new youth subculture.
With what to wear a jeans shirt
С чем носить джинсовую рубашкуWith arrival of spring before each girl quite sharply there is an immemorial question: "What to put on?". There is a wish to find a universal and original thing which would ideally be combined with other subjects of clothes and equally well was suitable both for daily socks, and for issue. Someone will tell that similar "miracle" does not exist, but it not so.
With what to carry snickerses
С чем носить сникерсыIn cool weather many women give preference to more convenient and practical footwear. An autumn and winter season – an ideal time for those who wants to have a rest from footwear on heels and to try on on itself snickerses. After all in the modern world the woman constantly is in the movement, and convenient and that is important, the stylish footwear is capable to help with preservation of activity and good mood throughout the day.
With what to wear leggings
С чем носить леггинсыLeggings (or leggings) are a very fitting trousers which are quite strongly similar to the cut-off panty hoses. Besides they are absolutely deprived of accessories (fasteners, pockets, buttons) and recognized as the most democratic and practical type of trousers.
Choice of a women's leather jacket
Выбор женской кожаной курткиIn modern society concerning any article of clothing always argue much. However leather jackets deservedly occupied the niche in clothes of each woman respecting herself. They gained recognition for a practicality and convenience, besides with their help it is possible to create practically any image. It is necessary only to learn to combine correctly things, skillfully supplementing them with a leather jacket.
Casual style
Стиль casualTo casual style fashionable designers of the present predict the big future. In spite of the fact that it long time is at popularity peak, it did not sputter out. It is safely possible to call this direction paradoxical, after all casual style is capable to combine not combined.
Fashion for full 2014
Мода для полных 2014Fashion trends of the XXI century dictate the rules. And they do not demand from the woman of excessive leanness any more as it was quite recently. On the contrary, on world podiums models with fine magnificent forms for a long time act. And the clothes for them do not concede to clothes for thin persons at all. Today suggests to understand that prepared for our smart readers of Fashion house.
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