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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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Technology of massage of Asakhi
Техника массажа АсахиRecently more and more women is interested in massage of Asakhi. This the method simple and available to all gained the popularity thanks to high effect: face skin gains elasticity and elasticity, hypostases and bags under eyes leave, the face form changes, the second chin is taken away.
Sculptural facial massage
Скульптурный массаж лицаWith age many women are disturbed more and more by the observed changes in appearance – decrease in elasticity of skin, the outlined double chin, the "blurring" face contours. Now the industry of beauty reached considerable results in fight against aging signs.
How to make the person thin
Как сделать лицо худымTo what only risks are not ready to go women in aspiration always to look attractive. This desire was precisely put by the nature in each woman. Exhaust themselves with diets, campaigns in beauty shops and fitness clubs – generally, do everything that at any age to look on everything 18.
Technology of holistichesky massage
Техника холистического массажаHolistichesky massage – the curing a body balm and souls. Thanks to the smooth pulsation movements influencing a body there is a relaxation of all muscles of an organism, the pleasure hormone is allocated, and the person derives pleasure. Vital forces are restored after the first session of holistichesky massage, and you by all means will want to be influenced by the curing properties of reflexotherapy again.
Technology of visceral massage
Техника висцерального массажаVisceral massage is an ancient Russian method of treatment and diagnosis of diseases, by pressing on a stomach certain movements and percussions. For one massage is a disposal of diseases, and for others – extension of youth.
Technology of carrying out hiromassazh of the person
Техника проведения хиромассажа лицаEvery time, passing by a mirror, there is a wish to see a beautiful, young, well-groomed face. If reflection draws other picture, perhaps, there is a sense to address to professional cosmetologists? For example, to complete a course of a hiromassazh of the person.
TSA peeling for face cleansing
Пилинг ТСА для очищения кожи лицаHow the medicine and plastic surgery was developed, but great ladies will always have a problem, to solve which it is possible only by means of the superficial looking after procedure. Today we will talk about the well-known peeling which is among "Hollywood". It is TSA peeling.
Dzhessner's peeling for face cleansing
Пилинг Джесснера для очищения кожи лицаWith age the person activity of cages is slowed down and it becomes more difficult to skin to look young and tightened. Then artificial procedure of updating of an integument – a peeling which on the influence happens mechanical, laser, ultrasonic comes to the rescue. One of the most effective ways of rejuvenation – Dzhessner's peeling.
Peeling calcium chloride
Пилинг хлоридом кальцияThe secret of this cosmetic procedure of a face rejuvenation, popular in Soviet period, was kept the most strict secret. Only wealthy young ladies as it was necessary to pay about 5 rubles while the loaf of bread cost 24 kopeks for beauty could afford a peeling. Today we will talk about cosmetic procedure for the person – a peeling calcium chloride.
Use of lemon oil
Применение лимонного маслаAt this means broad spectrum of activity. In ancient times people successfully treated the oil which is squeezed out of fruits of a lemon tree many diseases. Among them – not only fight against viruses and bacteria, it is also successfully possible to treat this inexpensive preparation cosmetic defects of skin (spots, cuts, scars), to use for aromatization of rooms, to apply in cosmetology and even cookery.
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