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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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Useful properties of bee pollen
Полезные свойства пчелиной пыльцыPyltsa-obnozhka is a unique product which gathers a bee from various plants and possesses uncommon medicinal properties. The use in food of flower pollen allows to eliminate many diseases, to restore forces, and also to keep youth and longevity.
Treatment of a jamming of a nerve
Лечение защемления нерваSometimes, that at the awkward or sharp movement there is a severe pain in a backbone, areas of a neck or some other places. These feelings are familiar to much - thus, there can be a nerve jamming. It will be required to start elimination of this problem as soon as possible.
What is the shunting of heart
Что такое шунтирование сердцаMillions of people suffer from pathological narrowing of coronary vessels, that is the diagnosis "coronary heart disease" is made to them (in abbreviated form IBS). For many years therapists and cardiologists appointed to such patients the medicines possessing ability to expand coronary arteries. Now doctors resort to an effective surgical way of treatment of IBS – to aortocoronary shunting.
The analysis of urine across Nechiporenko
Анализ мочи по НечипоренкоTo receive exhaustive information on a state and operability of kidneys and urinary tract, in medical practice successfully use research of urine on Nechiporenko. It is the laboratory analysis as a result of which the doctor obtains detailed data on that, how many leukocytes, erythrocytes and cylinders contain in 1 ml of urine.
The weakness reasons in feet
Причины слабости в ногахPain and weakness in extremities is, perhaps, the most familiar feelings for those who passed 35 summer boundary. Actually there is a lot of reasons of emergence of muscular symptoms. It can be consequences of the endured injuries or pathological processes in an organism. Let's consider the main factors of emergence of sudden weakness in feet.
Treatment of laktozny insufficiency
Лечение лактозной недостаточностиMilk is the first food which is tried by the baby, having hardly been born. This product contains in the structure all necessary substances for the normal growth and development of a small organism. But there are cases when milk for various reasons is acquired not completely – the similar problem is called laktozny insufficiency.
Treatment of an abstinence syndrome
Лечение абстинентного синдромаThe abstinence syndrome, in fact, is group of symptoms of varying severity and a combination. They usually arise because of complete cessation or decrease in reception in high doses of psychoactive agent.
How to cease to burr
Как перестать картавитьAgree, the adult with the speech having a burr draws attention of people around therefore for many it can become a problem and the reason of development of complexes. Especially this effect becomes obvious when it has negative consequences for normal human life. For example, the kartavost very often is the main argument at refusal about employment or disturbs career growth.
How to lower cholesterol in blood
Как понизить холестерин в кровиContrary to widespread judgment that cholesterol is a poison for an organism, the advantage of this component and its vital need is scientifically proved. Nuance only that concentration of cholesterol has to always about six-seven mol/l keep at the certain level, after all its surplus threatens with serious negative consequences for an organism.
How to put cups
Как ставить банкиMedical banks were quite popular remedy still some 20-30 years ago. But today considerably forgot partially about them, and after all this really effective and safe folk remedy. Let's understand together, when and as they need to be put.
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