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Hygiene of food

Councils and articles for system of healthy nutrition. You will find useful information for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the recommendation about food, including for children and pregnant women.
Hygiene of food: all articles
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Grass Senna for weight loss
Трава сенна для похуденияEach person strives for perfection. Career, material prosperity and other benefits of a civilization it is certainly very pleasant. But when the person feels bad, suffers from excess weight – everything becomes not in pleasure. One of a set of various methods of disposal of excess weight is a weight loss by means of phytotea from Senna's grass.
Menu of a petal diet
Меню лепестковой диетыWhatever one may do, and nobody cancelled desire to be harmonous. And, in spite of the fact that the summer season is almost open, relevance of weight loss by a beach season remains very high. To lose extra kilos and thus each girl dreams not to starve, probably. Many despair, having gone to seed, and the most active try to adhere to various diets.
Color diet
Цветная диетаIf your plate looks as a small slice of a rainbow, with fresh bright flowers, most likely, you take advantages of healthy food. After all products of this or that color contain the individual properties and useful qualities. Proceeding from it, the leading nutritionists of the world developed an interesting diet – color.
How to increase appetite
Как повысить аппетитWhile a big half of mankind by hook or by crook tries to dump at least couple of excess kilograms, there is a small percent of people for whom it is necessary to gain weight.
Diet for a stomach
Диета для животаIf you set to yourself the object to make a stomach flat, for its achievement it is possible to use a special diet for a stomach. This diet is intended to burn excess deposits in a waist. Besides, this diet allows to order and normalize work of a gastrointestinal tract. Let's tell readers of in more detail about this diet.
Cottage cheese diet
Творожная диетаIn a pursuit of beauty and symmetry of the young woman decide on everything. The attracting word "express diet" too does not remain unaddressed. The express diet means fast disposal of extra kilos, and our segodnyashy conversation will be about a cottage cheese diet.
Drinking diet
Питьевая диетаThe purpose of this diet, according to her founders, reduction of load of a digestive tract is. It in turn has to allow to bring all necessary internal into norm.
Menu of a diet No. 8
Меню диеты №8Diet No. 8 - one of fifteen diets developed by doctor Pevzner in the 50th years of the last century. It is shown for treatment of obesity. A main objective of this diet is impact by means of healthy nutrition on the broken metabolism. Thus the main efforts, according to rules of this diet, are directed on improvement of a lipidic exchange.
Menu of a diet No. 7
Меню диеты №7The diet No. 7 is one of fifteen special medical power supply systems which were developed in due time by doctor Pevzner. The indication to application of a diet No. 7 is chronic nephrite which proceeds without aggravation, and a sharp form of a diffusion glomerulonefrit during recovery. In the first three-four days of an illness so-called contrast days are usually spent.
Bonn soup for weight loss
Боннский суп для похуденияBonn soup is intended for a week diet which allows to dump excessive kilograms and at the same time not to exhaust itself with painful starvation. Its advantage that this soup works not due to removal of moisture from an organism, and due to normalization of a metabolism and improvement of work of digestive system.
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