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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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Treatment of an illness of Shlyatter
Лечение болезни ШляттераThe science christened the wrong growth and development of a tibial bone of a shin because of its defective food Osguda-Shlyatter's illness in honor of the doctor who determined by one of the first and described its symptomatology.
Treatment of a tendinit
Лечение тендинитаLife is arranged so that the skeletal and muscular system of any person, especially the athlete, is exposed every day to mechanical loadings. Sometimes there are microinjuries of sinews or muscles, connecting fabric, capillaries. If after loading good rest follows, the damaged fabrics begin to live, are restored. If it is not enough rest, the microtrauma can turn in tendinit.
Treatment of a rheumatic polimialgiya
Лечение ревматической полимиалгииThere are such diseases which to distinguish much more difficultly, than then to treat. Physicians carry to that also a rheumatic polimialgiya. At this illness of the person the pains of rheumatic character arising at once in various muscles start tormenting. In what insidiousness of this illness how it can be distinguished and cured?
Sand in kidneys, treatment and prevention
Песок в почках, лечение и профилактикаAt violation in an organism of a water-salt exchange, the person has a predisposition to an urolithic illness (MKB). And there is it irrespective of age, sex or the social status. Stones in kidneys is a dangerous and serious illness which is simpler for preventing, than to treat.
Treatment of neurotouch relative deafness
Лечение нейросенсорной тугоухостиNow the hearing at the population of the planet worsens not only at advanced age, ENT specialists state decrease in its sharpness already and at young age. From all forms of relative deafness of 74% of cases it is the share of neurotouch relative deafness.
Myasthenia symptoms
Симптомы миастенииConstant feelings of fatigue, weakness are familiar to much of us. Such it happens when vanity, fussing days, a modern rhythm of life do not allow the person to have a rest normally that the organism could restore the forces. However these symptoms can indicate not only a syndrome of chronic fatigue, but also more serious disease – a myasthenia.
Treatment of a paraproktit
Лечение парапроктитаPerhaps, from all proktologichesky diseases it is possible to allocate four the most widespread is hemorrhoids, anal cracks, colitis and pararectal abscess (paraproktit). offers readers material about a paraproktita. You learn from article that occurs at this illness why it develops, what measures should be taken if its symptoms have an effect.
Treatment of a bronkhoektatichesky illness
Лечение бронхоэктатической болезниPathology of respiratory organs at which there is an irreversible expansion of bronchial tubes, their deformation, it is accepted to call a bronkhoektatichesky illness. Because of these changes bronchial tubes badly carry out the function. In a bronchial tree (especially in the lower part) the pyoinflammatory processes accepting chronic character of a current develop.
Treatment of an anal crack
Лечение анальной трещиныThis problem brings to many people strong discomfort, but it is not accepted to speak about it aloud. The majority of adult population tries to get rid of unpleasant feelings independently because it is a shame to them to address to the expert. What to do in case of an anal crack and as to get rid of it, we also will talk.
Stenting of vessels of heart
Стентирование сосудов сердцаAt many people recently cardiologists reveal narrowing of arteries thanks to which food of a myocardium, providing it is carried out by oxygen. Because of it there is a stenocardia, IBS, a myocardial infarction. One of modern methods of elimination of this pathology is stenting. It allows to increase and keep for a long time in the affected artery a gleam, necessary for blood current.
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