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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
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How to praise the child
Как хвалить ребенкаEach child loves the mother and the father and always wants to deserve their attention and a praise. The pleasure of parents is incredibly important for the child. The desire of children to make though something good for the parents is great. When the child sees that at him something turns out and him for it praise, from it smile or laugh, he tries to repeat this action again and again.
To swaddle or not the child
Пеленать или нет ребенкаSwaddling – one of the main reasons of the birth of medical disputes. Someone acts pro and adduces enough arguments in favor of swaddling, and someone contra and does not concede in ponderability of arguments. will help to understand this question to young mummies and will help with it not a simple choice – to swaddle or not the child.
Education of children-pogodok
Воспитание детей-погодокTo your kid just year, and it already has a younger brother or the little sister? will make some useful recommendations to such mummies that also you were happy, all were in time, and children were under supervision, and the most important - were not deprived of attention.
Registration of a maternity leave
Оформление отпуска по беременности и родамThe maternity leave, is made out to women when granting a leaf of temporary disability and the corresponding statement. By the general rules, the maternity leave is granted for 140 days. Anyway the number of days of a maternity leave pays off on the basis of the period specified in a disability leaf.
How to choose a schoolbag (backpack)
Как выбрать школьный ранец (рюкзак)Schoolbag – an important choice not only for children, but also for their parents. It is important to know, by what criteria to choose a backpack to preserve a healthy back of your school student. Such requirements exist, and orthopedists put forward them. Doctors are sure that except color and material, there are more important characteristics which need to be considered at a schoolbag choice.
What mixes it is better for newborns
Какие смеси лучше для новорожденныхAll know that the best food for the newborn – a maternal milk. But, sometimes, that on a number of indications or because of features of an organism of the kid breastfeeding is impossible. Each mother in need of a dokarmlivaniye or full transition to mixes has to be guided well in the products presented in the market.
Smoking problem among teenagers
Проблема курения среди подростковIf in your house there is a teenager, the problem of smoking is actual more than ever. Transitional the age is rich with hormonal splashes and differences of mood. It is the period of formation of mentality and search of. Therefore teenagers are very vulnerable and easily get under others influence. Also it is a high time to gain strength to help the child to choose a way of a healthy lifestyle.
What porridge to give to the child
Какую кашу давать ребенкуEach mother knows – at the child's diet surely there has to be a porridge. Porridge not only is useful, rich with cellulose and vitamins, but is tasty and nutritious. Of course, porridge, as well as any other product, you should not be fond excessively. Let's understand in what advantage of porridge for children, what most popular and useful grain should be entered into a diet of the kid.
How to choose private kindergarten
Как выбрать частный детский садYou decided to send the peanut to kindergarten and are ready to allocate for development of the kid the unlimited sum? We recommend to look narrowly at private kindergartens – as practice shows, costs much, but is worth it! The kindergarten is a fantastic country where your child grows and develops, plays and is trained. Therefore it is necessary to approach its choice with all gravity.
Development of communicative skills in the child
Развитие коммуникативных навыков у ребенкаTo find a common language with each passer is, of course, already gift, special talent. And here to learn to be at the necessary tone and loss for words, to hold "face", to get new acquaintances, can always keep politeness and not give in in conflict situations everyone. As well as it is more expedient to impart any skill, ability to easy and pleasant communication since the childhood.
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