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Make itself - councils that who likes to do by all the hands. Sewing, knitting, woodcarving and so forth you can apply talents to updating of furniture, sewing of clothes, bags, creations of jewelry, etc.
Make itself: all articles
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Greeting card the hands
Поздравительная открытка своими рукамиIt is so pleasant – to make to the loved one a gift the hands, putting in it the love and heat. And as involving in this occupation of your kid. I suggest to make not a difficult greeting card together with the child. Materials for such card are quite available to all, and its production will take no more than 30 minutes.
Needle case the hands
Игольница своими рукамиIt seems to me that many needle cases do not happen. It is simply amazing, how many exists ideas on this tiny, but the necessary subject in needlework. Probably, it is already possible to create "The encyclopedia of a needle case". Therefore I want to present to your attention a master class on this subject. I will show how the hands to sew a needle case in the form of a hedgehog. It is easy, believe!
Molding of animals from plasticine
Лепка животных из пластилинаIf think that from plasticine it is possible to stick together only mushrooms and fruit, you are mistaken. Having made details, very simple in a form, of plasticine, you can mold beautiful animals together with your kid! And to turn all process into fascinating game which will occupy the child not for one hour. In addition, a molding from plasticine - a good way for development of a small motility.
How to update the lamp shade
Как обновить абажурThat old things found new happy life, from us it is required a little: something to change desire round itself and the small guide to action. And still it is necessary to look round more attentively around and to find that subject to which you would like to give the second youth. Here so next time it happened and to me. Made the lamp, suitable to my furniture, of the old lamp shade!
List on fabric
Роспись по тканиAll of us want that at home it was cozy and beautiful. If you have though a little patience and you have a desire to be engaged in creativity, you can try to create an interior the hands. I speak about a batic, a decorative list of fabric. The batic is not only pictures and scarves, it also cloths and napkins which can be laid on dressers, coffee tables, etc.
How to make a New Year tree of candies
Как сделать новогоднюю елку из конфетFir-tree – a symbol of the darling children of a holiday, New year. And what New year without candies? Let's try unite these main attributes and to present great mood to the relatives. You can make a simple fir-tree of candies sugar candies for the kid, and, perhaps, even together with him.
Glass-painting stained glass paints
Роспись стекла витражными краскамиIf you want to create a pseudo-stained-glass window, to make an original candlestick or to decorate any glass subject, you need stained glass paints! Distinctive features of such paints are their transparency and brightness that allows to create effect of color glass. Surfaces are suitable for drawing drawing both flat (mirrors), and convex (bottles, vases).
Ideas for giving arrangement
Идеи для обустройства дачиThere are many interesting ideas for jewelry of beds at dacha which can be made the hands. To organize a figurative bed, to make a palm tree, an amusing hedgehog or a pig – as easy as shelling pears. Well, and further – a trick. I hope, all ideas offered in my story will be realized on your country sites and will daily please you and your guests.
How to learn to knit a hook
Как научиться вязать крючкомKnitting by a hook in itself is much simpler, than spokes, and the result on time is quicker visible. It is important not to be afraid of saturated "three-storyed" schemes and kilometer descriptions. Actually, after will try to execute independently each of knots, you will be able to cope with any scheme. Difficult in knitting by a hook anything is not present.
Suitcase for picnic by the hands
Чемодан для пикника своими рукамиAt last time of heat, sun, the clear sky, greens well and, of course, sorties came to the nature. And, you see, nothing can please so, as the small suitcase made with own hand with the most necessary and laboriously picked up accessories to an outdoor recreation. It rather not expensive is also not difficult at all, it is worth connecting the imagination only.
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