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Repair and finishing

Councils for apartment renovation, houses. In the section you receive information about qualitative bathroom equipment, durable windows and doors, a tile, wall-paper, linoleum and so forth.
Repair and finishing: all articles
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Flizelinovy and vinyl wall-paper. Nuances of a pokleyka
Флизелиновые и виниловые обои. Нюансы поклейкиLong ago passed times of simple paper wall-paper. Flizelin also blamed – here leaders of sales today. Flizelinovy wall-paper – fine option for a pokleyka in premises. Modern vinyl wall-paper – favourites of designers. With their help it is possible to imitate any surface perfectly. About advantages of this wall-paper and how they need to be glued correctly, I will tell in article.
Repair in the new apartment: useful tips and reefs
Ремонт в новой квартире: полезные советы и подводные камниNow many look for and without effort find contractors who do repair cheaper. However it is necessary to know, this low cost from where undertakes. At a choice of the construction organization for repair of your apartment it is necessary to consider many factors. Qualification of specialists of construction crew, cost of the repair finishing works entering the estimate.
Interroom doors: when the standard design is unacceptable
Межкомнатные двери: когда стандартный дизайн неприемлемNow there is a huge choice of doors, and at each producer respecting himself it is possible to find the model range for every taste. That can be simpler – choose model of a door and establish. But not always and not everything is so easy. In some special cases the existing standard doors do not approach. Let's consider these situations.
In total about a ceramic tile: councils and right choice
Все о керамической плитке: советы и правильный выборModern people know that the design of premises not only reflects character of the owner, and also influences his mood, health, supports an emotional background. Having chosen a ceramic tile, you can create the cozy atmosphere in each of the rooms, create fine aura for further pastime and comfortable accommodation.
Summer is at hand – it is time to do repair in the apartment
Лето на носу – пора делать ремонт в квартире Apartment renovation represents the whole process of transformation of inhabited space, taking into account all wishes of the customer and professionalism of employees. Presently can offer you the most fantastic plannings of rooms. At last, you can bring the contribution in future repair of the house, office or the apartment.
Construction of an arbor the hands
Строительство беседки своими рукамиI want to share in this article the brief experience of construction of an arbor. With detailed drawings, sketches, photos. And very much I hope that thereby I will help with a noble cause of an upclassing of the homestead territory. Everyone can make the changes to a design and the sizes depending on a situation. I offer only the basic principles of construction so dare!
Ladders: we choose the best
Лестницы: выбираем лучшееIt would seem, a usual ladder. But whether you reflected sometime, how many its various designs exist? How to understand, what ladder is necessary to you? When it is better to use a scaffolding? Whether the step-ladder will be suitable for carrying out finishing works? We will answer all these questions and we will tell, on what to pay attention not to be mistaken with a choice.
How to make a gipsokartonny partition the hands
Как сделать гипсокартонную перегородку своими рукамиWant to divide the room into two or to differentiate space on some zones in a spacious drawing room? It is impossible to build a brick wall in the city apartment without special permission. The simplest and favorable decision – build a gipsokartonny partition. And not to spend funds for payment of assemblers, you can easily make it. How? Now we will tell!
How to provide complex protection against moisture in the apartment
Как обеспечить комплексную защиту от влаги в квартиреEach of us faced leakages in the apartment which bring damage not only our apartment, but also neighbors from below. It is necessary to spend the considerable sums for repair, and all because in time did not take care of a waterproofing. From our article you learn about the most weak spots in the apartment which demand special protection against water, and about necessary materials.
Wooden cabin for a summer shower
Деревянная кабина для летнего душаThis design from a tree can be used on a country site not only as a cabin for a summer shower, but also as a summer toilet, a shed for storage of garden or other stock. I offer the general description of a design of a product, the short description of each stage of assembly, sketches of all constructive elements, and also the account estimate of the used materials.
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