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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Cultivation of a sorrel from seeds
Выращивание щавеля из семянOnly snow will thaw, and sunshine will warm the earth then there are sockets with young leaflets of sour taste. The nature hurries to treat us with the sorrel containing many microcells, vitamins, lemon, apple, oxalic acids, flavonoids, proteins, tannins.
Cultivation of an alissum from seeds
Выращивание алиссума из семянHaving put on the country site an undersized pochvopokrovnik alissum, you during blossoming of clustery inflorescences will always feel their saturated honey aroma. A large number of grades of this plant which can decorate a balcony or a bed about an entrance is now removed. In the people the unpretentious plant is called a kamennik, an alison, a lobulyariya.
Cultivation of a bamiya from seeds
Выращивание бамии из семянFrom a bamiya it is possible to prepare many various tasty and useful dishes. Before it grew up mainly in the countries of America, Africa, Asia. Gradually this culture began to appear in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, in Ukraine. And now gardeners learned to grow up it in the rassadny way and in a midland.
Reproduction and care of an aechmea
Размножение и уход за эхмеейEffective aechmea – the unpretentious representative bromeliyevy. Many flower growers call her "soldier" as on wide leaves there are thorns. Having looked at the pointed bracts protecting bright flowers (blue, red, pink, yellow, red-golden, coral), it is possible to compare them to peaks. This fact was reflected and in the name of a plant – an aechmea that in translation from Greek the tip peaks" means ".
Care of a haworthia
Уход за хавортиейThe haworthia is world renowned. At this long-term decorative succulent the great number of admirers, is possible because the attractive exotic species of a plant is combined with absolute unpretentiousness in the contents and reproduction.
Care of a fittonia
Уход за фиттониейWho at least once will see a florid openwork pattern on a fittonia leaf, will give it the heart forever - this graceful flower is so unusual and attractive. Most often decorate with a tiny plant window sills of nurseries, balconies and offices.
Cultivation of a mangold
Выращивание мангольдаThe mangold which else is called sheet beet, the Roman cabbage – vegetable very ancient, after all started cultivating it two thousand more years B.C. on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Now this vegetable culture is grown up in the countries of Europe, Latin America, India, Japan, Korea, by the USA. And here in Russia many gardeners do not even know about a mangold.
Care of a calathea
Уход за калатеейThe calathea belonging to family marantovy draws to itself attention with interesting drawing on leaves. Strips, specks, a border – all this contrasts with the main background of a sheet plate. The size of leaves, their coloring, existence or lack of kolosovidny inflorescences – all this depends on the form taken by you. In what conditions to contain this whimsical plant that it got accustomed in your house?
Cultivation of a basil
Выращивание базиликаIt is possible to call a delightful basil one of the most fragrant and most useful plants. It in honor at skilled culinary specialists, housewives, gardeners. The leaves and young escapes added to a dish will fill it with unusual juicy notes. Besides, in a basil there are a lot of vitamins, phytoncides, essential oils, it helps at headaches, a depression, problems with a stomach, digestion and other diseases.
Bamiya, useful properties and contraindications
Бамия, полезные свойства и противопоказанияBamiya as vegetable culture is grown up in America, Asia and some warm countries of Europe from the thirteenth century. When and in our corner of the world became warmer, this vegetable began to appear even more often on beds at the advanced gardeners-gardeners in Russia, in Ukraine. Gentle zavyaz of its useful fruits can also be got in the market or in shops.
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