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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Useful properties of a horse-radish
Полезные свойства хренаMost of people perceives a horse-radish only as seasoning, without suspecting about its unique curative properties. For a long time the root of a horse-radish was used for treatment of heavy illnesses, finding of beauty and health. What changed since then and how today it is possible to use useful properties of a horse-radish?
How to bake berries pies
Как испечь пироги с ягодамиWill be people who do not love pies a little. And berries pies, tasty and at the same time useful, by all means will please your relatives. If at you a little free time, and there is a wish to bake something, you can save time, having bought ready dough.
How to store products without refrigerator
Как хранить продукты без холодильникаThe refrigerator is one of useful inventions of mankind. Now, even it is difficult to present the life without it. Refrigerators of the small and big sizes with freezers strongly entered our life. We so got used to store products and already cooked food in the refrigerator that already simply we do not notice its functional usefulness.
Advantage and harm of small loafs
Польза и вред хлебцевOn counters of shops now it is possible to see a wide choice of small loafs. One nutritionists claim that they bring benefit for an organism, others go on about their harm. The truth it or not, let's try understand.
Advantage and harm of mushrooms
Польза и вред грибовFor a long time people appreciated mushrooms for their unusual taste and aroma. Today most of nutritionists call them "forest meat", causing it is ability quickly to satisfy feeling of hunger. It is known that mushrooms do not belong neither to plants, nor to animals, uniting on a particle of qualities both that, and others.
Soy sauce, advantage and harm of a product
Соевый соус, польза и вред продуктаSoy sauce was thought up in immemorial times, but on counters of domestic shops appeared rather recently. Unusual overseas seasoning instantly found popularity in narrow circles of fans of delicacies and unusual food. Today soy sauce became more, than entertaining seasoning. It is recommended for treatment and weight loss, but whether this product is so useful?
Use of oil of a walnut
Применение масла грецкого орехаOil of a walnut is considered one of the most tasty and fragrant. Therefore is the excellent assistant for all culinary specialists. But still this product possesses extensive useful properties. After all in it is mute so many necessary vitamins and minerals contain that they can even replace some products in our daily diet.
Honey adder's-spear, useful properties
Мёд кандык, полезные свойстваAs it is pleasant to drink a tea cup with favourite honey – lime, chestnut, donnikovy, kipreyny. Grades and kinds of this delicacy there is a lot of that at their fair it is simply impossible to try all. Honey differs not only to taste, aroma, but also on color, a consistence … Today will tell to readers of the rare grade allocated with valuable properties, called honey an adder's-spear.
Recipe of halvah
Рецепт халвыIt is considered to be that sweets – if not the junk food definitely not useful. But it not always so. For example, halvah if to prepare it houses most, not to put harmful additives, will become a useful product, with its help it is possible to raise hemoglobin in blood and to maintain immunity.
Advantage and harm of muesli
Польза и вред мюсли Muesli are considered as one of the most useful to health and a figure of breakfasts. Especially are fond of this product of the woman who keep to diets or practice a healthy lifestyle. We will try to understand this article, whether muesli as speak about them are so useful, and whether there are any negative sides in such food.
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