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Councils for a choice and maintenance of pets of all species and breeds. Read about care of cats and dogs, parrots and rodents, small fishes and reptiles: as it is correct to feed, about diseases and their treatment.
Pets: all articles
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Description of breed Jack Russell Terrier
Описание породы джек-рассел-терьерThe Jack Russell Terrier (or a terrier of the pastor John Russell) is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world today. And well-known this doggies little and simple in appearance were made by a cinema. Thanks to clever mind, the small size and a furtive look these terriers often become stars of feature films. The most known dzhek-rassel is "Maylo" from the movie "Mask" with Jim Carrey.
Features of breed Yorkshire terrier
Особенности породы йоркширский терьерToday a Yorkshire terrier or as in abbreviated form call this breed of dog – a Yorkshire terrier, at popularity peak. These decorative pretty girls won admirers around the world and all the same continue triumphal procession along the planet. And as differently if they are one of the smallest breeds of dog in the world.
Description of breed to Cana korso
Описание породы кане корсоDogs of breed to Cana korso rushed into the world of domestic cynology quite recently, nevertheless, these animals at once subdued both beginners, and skilled dog breeders. The strong, powerful, clever, self-assured dog who is madly loving the owner and ready to give for it the life – well how here not to get the house of such pet!
Maintenance of the Central Asian sheep-dog
Содержание среднеазиатской овчаркиAt this breed of dog there are a lot of names: the Central Asian sheep-dog, SAO, the Asian, alabay, tobt, the Turkmen wolfhound. Such variety of names developed historically – in the homeland these dogs still have a set of types and subtypes therefore they considerably differ from each other.
Breeds of fighting dogs
Породы бойцовых собакToday it is very often possible to hear the phrase "fighting breed of dog" (or "a combative breed of dog"). It should be noted that in cynology of such concept does not exist, as any dog, irrespective of breed (though a poodle though a mongrel) and a sex, it can be aggressive to other dogs and at the "correct", "skillful" approach to training, a dog it is possible to teach to fight.
Maintenance of snails akhatin
Содержание улиток ахатинMany people love animals, however, not all have an opportunity to get at themselves in the house a cat, a dog or even a hamster. The reasons for that can be much: the allergy to wool, accommodation on the rental apartment, impossibility to find is enough time to the pet and so forth. But also in such situation it is possible to find a way out. Snails of an akhatina became new style.
Features of breed riesenschnauzer
Особенности породы ризеншнауцерThe peak of popularity of riesenschnauzers at us in the country fell on the end of the 1980th - the beginning of the 1990th years when this bearded black handsome became obvious competitors to a German shepherd, a Dobermann terrier and an airdale.
How to make friends a cat with a dog
Как подружить кошку с собакой"As the cat with a dog" is the settled expression we often say, even without thinking of that our animals sometimes is much cleverer and even more wisely, than we. Recently even more often stories about friendship of two potential enemies emerge in mass media: bear and dog, dog and cat, cat and mouse. What it is unique cases or quite widespread phenomena?
Moscow sentry, description of breed
Московская сторожевая, описание породыThe Moscow sentry - quite young domestic breed of dog which is not recognized by the International film logical federation. But, despite it, at these animals the huge number of admirers – owners of "Muscovites" becomes more and more every year, and not only in the homeland of breed, but also in the countries of the near and far abroad.
Caucasian sheep-dog, features of breed
Кавказская овчарка, особенности породыSuch large sentry dog never remains unnoticed. And those who will try to attempt upon master's good which is protected by a powerful Caucasian sheep-dog "will precisely estimate" a strong grasp.
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