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Articles concerning civil, housing, tax, labor and other branches of the right. Help in paperwork, explanation of provisions of contracts, etc. legal issues.
Legal issues: all articles
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Goods of inadequate quality, right of the consumer
Товар ненадлежащего качества, права потребителяIf the rejected thing was acquired in firm shop, his employees, as a rule, always meet requirements of the buyer. And here in outlets "more simply" on this soil quite often there are conflict situations. Anyway, never the superfluous will know the legitimate rights as buyer and if necessary to be able to use them.
How to behave during detention
Как вести себя при задержанииPractically any, even the most law-abiding citizen can be a detainee for commission of administrative offense or is simply brought to office of police for clarification of the personality. And it means direct communication with law enforcement officers at which it is important to choose an optimum line of conduct and to get out of the situation with the minimum losses.
Dismissal at own will
Увольнение по собственному желаниюProbably, there will be very few people who never changed a work place. Career growth, moving, aspiration to development – absolutely different reasons lead to dismissal at own will. Separate article of the Labour code is devoted to it. However in practice between the worker and the employer nevertheless not seldom there are disagreements in such situations.
Right of donation
Право даренияQuite often it happens so that the presented property becomes a dispute subject. It is easy to resolve these disputes, having addressed to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, namely to the 32nd chapter by which questions of donation are regulated. We bring to attention of the readers information how to give and make out gifts according to laws, having reserved for the gift presented its right for possession.
Terms of limitation period
Сроки исковой давностиBy the law it is provided not only protection of the rights of citizens, but also terms in which it is necessary to appeal to court behind their protection. The term of limitation period – a significant factor, which violation can lead to refusal in satisfaction of the claim in whole or in part. Let's understand what features at its establishment are.
Drawing up and certificate of the power of attorney
Составление и удостоверение доверенностиIn life there are situations at which there is no opportunity independently to represent the interests. In such cases we ask for the help other person, we trust him, to make that we cannot independently make. In the Civil Code of the Russian Federation some articles in which it is rather accurately stipulated that represents the power of attorney are devoted to this right.
Labor pension on the occasion of loss of the supporter
Трудовая пенсия по случаю потери кормильцаNot many know that even the citizens who do not have the seniority have the right for provision of pensions of the state. And in case of premature death – the right for such pension passes to dependents. We offer the readers information on the one who, where and as can issue and receive pension (grant) on loss of the supporter.
How independently to file a lawsuit the claim
Как самостоятельно подать иск в судWho and why should file a lawsuit the claim independently? The question natural, after all now exists a huge number of the law firms ready to offer the services. But in certain cases the cost of services of the lawyer can be higher, than the cost of the subject of the claim. And there can not always be free money for fee of the expert.
Compensation of moral harm
Компенсация морального вредаHow often you had to face the concept "compensation of moral harm"? I think, to hear – heard everyone, and here the bases for receiving this compensation are known for certain not everyone. Therefore I offer readers of a small educational program on this subject.
Order of liquidation of open company
Порядок ликвидации ОООChoosing an organizational form, it is necessary to pay attention not only to opening procedure, but also to consider nuances of closing of the enterprise on the future. So, if studying procedure of registration of open company, it seemed to you too difficult, procedure of liquidation of open company to you will seem not to real. On realization of all stages can leave from 3 to 8 months. But about everything one after another.
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