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Councils for a business management and finance. Information on deposits, credits, on different types of payments and use of plastic cards. Keep money in the budget and force them to work.
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The accounting of NMA in 1C: Accounts department of the enterprise
Учет НМА в 1С: Бухгалтерия предприятияFor the accounting of intangible assets in 1C: The accounts department of the enterprise exists the special subsystem located in the main menu of the program. Receipt of intangible assets is reflected by the document "Receipt of NMA". After the fact of receipt of NMA was reflected, it is possible to start its acceptance to the account. For these purposes the document "Acceptance to the Accounting of NMA" is used.
Formation of the purchase ledger in 1C: Accounts department 8
Формирование книги покупок в 1С: Бухгалтерия 8The purchase ledger represents the report which is formed on the basis of the corresponding facts of reflection of results of financial and economic activity of the enterprise. The purchase ledger is available from the main menu of the program "1C: Accounts department 8" in a bookmark "Purchase" – "Maintaining the purchase ledger". Also the purchase ledger is available from the panel of functions of the program in a bookmark "Purchase".
Nomenclature complete set in 1C
Комплектация номенклатуры в 1СAt the enterprises quite often there are situations when it is required to make a nomenclature complete set, that is to aggregate nomenclature unit from the spare parts which arrived on a warehouse. For these purposes in the program "1C: Accounts department 2.0" the document "Nomenclature Complete Set" available from the Warehouse menu is intended.
Personnel record in the program 1C: Accounts department 8
Кадровый учет в программе 1С: Бухгалтерия 8Software product 1C: The accounts department 2.0 contains a subsystem of a personnel record, however, this subsystem includes the limited range of documents allowing to make employment, personnel movement and dismissal of employees. The similar subsystem suits the small enterprises having limited number of employees.
Stock trade, fundamental analysis
Торговля акциями, фундаментальный анализ In the world there are two types of the analysis of stock market: technical and fundamental. Though both approaches have the same purpose, between them there are essential distinctions. For the traders using the fundamental analysis, a main objective – to find quickly developing company possessing sufficient financial stability. its investments are calculated on long-term profit.
Input of the initial remains in 1C: Accounts department 2.0
Ввод начальных остатков в 1С: Бухгалтерия 2.0Editing the initial remains in the program "1C: Accounts department 2.0" it is available from the menu "Enterprise". Before starting keeping account in the program "1C: Accounts department 2.0", it is necessary to enter the initial remains according to each section of the account. Upon transition on 1C: Accounts department 8 from version 7.7 transfer of account balances by means of universal processing is possible.
1C: Accounts department, the accounting of calculations with contractors
1С: Бухгалтерия, учет расчетов с контрагентамиProgram 1C: The accounts department 8 is intended for automation of the accounting of economic operations. Calculations with buyers and suppliers act as an integral part of activity of any legal entity. The reference book "Contractors" is intended for storage of a database of the organizations and natural persons with whom the company enters the settlement relations.
How to choose idea for house business
Как выбрать идею для домашнего бизнесаTo have own, let small, but stable business many dream. Having begun the business, we gain independence, but at the same time and responsibility for the financial state, and psychological comfort. House business does not demand big rooms, the impressive starting capitals and human resources, but, nevertheless, very popular and profitable business.
Depreciation calculation
Расчет амортизацииCharge of depreciation is provided for repayment of cost of objects of fixed assets. In narrow sense depreciation represents percentage expression of depreciation of fixed assets. In a broad sense depreciation is process of gradual transfer of cost of fixed assets on the made goods (works, services).
As the energy audit will save to production money
Как энергоаудит сэкономит производству деньгиPractice shows that at the majority of the enterprises potential for energy saving is available, however neither the management, nor power service of the enterprise will not be able to find and realize this potential independently — specific knowledge and the equipment are necessary. The power consulting companies will help to help with decrease in specific weight of energy consumption in product cost.
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