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Councils and useful information from what it is better to download programs for your computer, a PDA or mobile. Read reviews of interesting software for work with video, music, the Internet in this section.
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Restoration of Windows
Восстановление WindowsSometimes it happens so that instead of the habitual screen of a greeting of Windows, we observe more than a sad situation: the unclear blue screen with a heap of unclear figures and letters is constantly rebooted or highlighted absolutely. All this means only one – your Windows operating system failed.
Recovery of remote files and information
Восстановление удаленных файлов и информацииIn this article will tell you how to restore information from the hard drive. Imagine a situation, you long and painfully wrote the academic year project, spent for it the mass of efforts and time. But here, when it was necessary only to add some paragraphs, it vanishes.
The best plug-ins (expansions) for Firefox
Лучшие плагины (расширения) для FirefoxIn article the review the Internet of browsers I for a moment concerned such unique possibility of one of the surveyed browsers as expansibility. Name of this FireFox browser. It will be a question of the best expansions to it. As plug-ins great variety – selected only the most worthy to be on your computer.
Optimization of Windows XP, part 2
Оптимизация Windows XP, часть 2In this part I will tell you about optimization of the register and speed of work of disks and I will give couple of programs for automation of these processes. To adjust manually or to use programs (usually full-scale tviker not the cheapest) – to solve to you. And continues the story.
Optimization of Windows XP, part 1
Оптимизация Windows XP, часть 1If you possess the computer of which it is safely possible to call an animal with huge system parameters and not straining work speed – I am sincerely glad for you. But it is sure that among you there will be also those who, swears on the speed of work of the iron friend. Believe, your computer has still gunpowder in powder flasks. And this article will help to scrape off it from walls to you.
Programs for communication on the Internet
Программы для общения через ИнтернетIt is very convenient to communicate through messengers (programs for communication on the Internet) as you can carry on dialogue at the same time with many people who can be in every spot on the globe where there is an Internet. There is a great variety of the programs using both the ICQ protocol, and own.
Review of the best browsers
Обзор лучших браузеровToday we will consider programs browsers by means of which travel on a network is carried out. considered the best of options, possible today, and kindly provides them to you. All presented programs yavltsya free and possess the Russian-speaking interface.
How to master a fast keyboard set
Как освоить быстрый клавиатурный наборMany of you, dear readers, saw movies in which the monitor is shown, and the text appears, nearly instantly. Now compare the speed of your set that you saw at cinema. Fantasy? By no means. To master skill such a miracle of a fast set quite on forces to each person.
What is Skype (Skype) and as to use it
Что такое Skype (Скайп) и как им пользоватьсяFor certain, there was a situation when you needed to communicate to the close friend who lives in the neighboring house or other country. It is not simple to communicate, corresponding in a chat or by e-mail, and to see the native person, to hear native intonations. Today we will deal with the magazine that such Skype and as to use it.
The best anti-virus programs and firewalls
Лучшие антивирусные программы и файерволыPresently it is impossible to consider the computer protected even if you fulfilled all safety requirements three times. Various software can give rather big guarantee of security of the computer. In this article I will carry out the short review of the best protective software. You will need only to choose that will please you.
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