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Internet and networks

You will find in the section how to create and adjust a local network and Internet access. Including councils for a choice and control of the network equipment, software, reviews of providers and hostings.
Internet and networks: all articles
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Registration and use of WebMoney system
Регистрация и пользование системой WebMoneyThe system of electronic payments of WebMoney is one of the most popular systems on open spaces of the former CIS. And that is deservedly, in view of the convenience, safety, convertibility of money. The purpose of this material on also is acquaintance with work in WebMoney system that has to facilitate considerably use of it.
Information search on the Internet
Поиск информации в ИнтернетеSooner or later, each user of the World wide web faces an information search problem. Whether it be the paper, a term paper or documentation to the new washing machine, can occupy search of this information from you of five minutes till several o'clock – everything depends on ability to look for and find the necessary data in the Internet.
Registration and use of E-gold system
Регистрация и пользование системой E-goldE-gold – one of the oldest payment systems in the world. Is international system, i.e. it is unimportant, from where you, the main thing that there is an Internet access. Many foreign sites on which payments are provided in electronic currency, accept E-gold, and WebMoney – not everyone.
How to protect the computer from attacks of hackers
Как защитить компьютер от атак хакеровMany already also do not represent the life without the Internet. Feature of the Internet is that there is neither militia nor any of other organized and constantly engaged in fight against cybercriminals structures. Therefore it is necessary to protect itself. will prompt, in what way it can be made.
How to fight against spam
Как бороться со спамомI do not know as to you, our dear readers, and to me nearly daily come various letters with promises of multimillion earnings, or offers to buy some nonsense to an electronic box. In what way if not to get rid, then considerably to reduce spam stream in your electronic life? tried to understand.
We choose a way of connection to the Internet
Выбираем способ подключения к ИнтернетуSooner or later each owner of the home computer reflects on its connection to the Internet. For the sake of communication with other people, downloading of necessary information and so on. At this moment before the user there is a question – what way of connection to the Internet to choose?
Control the Internet on two computers
Настройка Интернет на два компьютераLet's assume that you possess 2 computers, and you need to communicate quickly between them, to use the general resources, such as the printer, the scanner, etc., and, of course, to have the general Internet access. The local network is capable to solve all these and many other problems.
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