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Useful tips on tourism and rest in the best resorts of the world. Here you will find everything that is connected with a choice of travel agencies, responses and the description of hotels, sanatoria, ski and medical resorts.
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Registration of the educational visa Visas and passports
Оформление учебной визыModern living conditions allow to move freely on the world, to study or work where ourselves want that. At least, we are not limited in a choice. So. You decided to go on training to one of the countries of the Schengen agreement. The most important and necessary for stay in the country is the visa.
Sights of Bern, Switzerland Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Берна, ШвейцарияBern is the center of the country not only for value, but also for the central location. Contrary to habitual opinion, the capital – not the largest in scales of the area and economy the city in the country, but heads the largest of all cantons. Planning a trip to Bern, there is a wish to tell – surely stop here at least for one night. Bern – the museum open-air.
Sights of Monaco Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности МонакоMonaco and Monte-Carlo – to them assigned such "synonyms" as a casino, luxury, elite … and also the sea, the sun, pleasure long ago! And this is true. But in close connection with "casino" and "big" money always opinion of the simple person on inaccessibility or a selectness of such places. On own experience we can tell that Monte-Carlo and Monaco are not inaccessible at all.
Sights of Nice Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности НиццыIt is considered to be that Nice is a summer, beaches, the sun, a refined cuisine and high prices. The part from these stereotypes was disproved. We chose the city with warm climate, historically interesting and it is obligatory by the sea – even if also in the winter. Nice met our requirements. There is a wish to tell about New Year's travel on Côte d'Azur (French riviera) in France – to Nice.
Sights of Basel, Switzerland Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Базеля, ШвейцарияBasel – one of the largest cities of Switzerland. The city is located on the river Rein which divides it into Small and Big Basel. In days of old these two half of nowadays uniform city did not get on among themselves. In persons of freakish statues on bridges former conflicts are immortalized. But today it no more than architecture – unusual, colourful, so unlike not all others.
Christmas in Austria Rounds and excursions
Рождество в АвстрииI began the travel to Austria on December 23, on the eve of Catholic Christmas. Visited the former school teacher of English. I was met at the international airport of Vienna, and on the car on the autobahn we reached Melk where there lives the family which invited me. Houses, of course, are decorated with Christmas attributes.
That it is worth trying in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria References
Что стоит попробовать в Чехии, Венгрии, АвстрииThe tour, ahead as far as in Europe is bought days. New impressions, new emotions, new tastes of new food. Yes, you did not mishear, about food and the speech in my note will go. It seems to me that it is necessary to try national dishes directly in that place, from where they it is. I will tell that surely it is worth trying in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria.
Sights of Istanbul Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности СтамбулаYou are a happy owner of potential two-week holiday and the active tourist who prefers rest "intellectual and historical" to rest beach. Whether sit with the globe on knees and cannot be defined to go to Europe or after all to Asia?! Then safely go to Istanbul – the unique city of two unusual parts of the world.
Training in English in England References
Обучение английскому в АнглииIt is best of all to learn foreign languages, being in continuous contact with their carriers. If you already have some basic knowledge, one month in others country will be enough to feel freely at conversation with foreigners! In this article I will tell about study in England and I will give some advice as to spend time with advantage abroad.
How to meet New year in Sochi Rounds and excursions
Как встретить Новый год в СочиSo it turned out that I was not at the sea many years, since the childhood. And here, being already the happy wife and mother received the seductive offer from the husband: to listen to a surf on New Year's Eve. If you want to admire palm trees in snow, mountain tops and a sea azure, I advise to go for New year to Sochi.
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