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Review of the movie Other world: Revolt of likan Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Другой мир: Восстание ликановMedieval Hungary. Lock. The king of vampires Victor who enslaved werewolves-likanov, and made of them faceless and insensible labor. In depths of its lock the son of a likansha – Lyutsian who becomes a darling likany the king is born and even receives specialty – the smith.
Review of Yulenk's movie Cinema
Рецензия на фильм ЮленькаTo the provincial town there comes the young family. Further we learn that the family arrived here from Moscow where Leray haunted asthma. The former teacher of capital HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION Andrey will work as the teacher in a local gymnasium for girls here. The previous teacher ran away from the city for the unclear reasons, and to inexperienced Belov at once hand the management of the fifth class.
Examples of drawing up (writing) of the summary Work
Примеры составления (написания) резюмеAbout how it is correct to make the summary, already told earlier. Now it is worth devoting the separate publication and to how this document should not be made, or rather on examples to tell about possible mistakes. Hundreds of responses come to each vacancy. And on acquaintance with one summary at the employer at most three minutes leave.
Choice of the traumatic weapon It is useful to know
Выбор травматического оружияWe continue a cycle of articles devoted to self-defense and behind already there were stun guns and gas sprays. As Al Capone spoke: "The gun and the kind word it is better, than simply kind word". Today we will try to sort as far as this expression is applicable to self-defense, and we will talk about the traumatic weapon.
Choice and application of a gas spray It is useful to know
Выбор и применение газового баллончикаThe invention not new also goes to the Stone Age. Already in those days ancient people realized that some substances very not bad drive away various ill-wishers. In this article will continue the story about the means of self-defense allowed by the law which can be found on counters of shops and this time conversation will go about gas sprays.
Review of the movie Australia Cinema
Рецензия на фильм АвстралияThe native son of the country – the boy Nulla keeps the story about coming on its earth of the rescuer in the person of Kidman, about traditions of the people about songs and magic. Nulla – the son of the native and white from what in his life there are a lot of problems, but his grandfather – the hereditary shaman protects it from all adversities which proceed from the white.
How to avoid deception in recruitment agency Work
Как избежать обмана в кадровом агентствеPresently, during world crisis there are actual such words as unemployment and reduction more and more. Here on it swindlers also play! They submit announcements in the newspaper, on various sites, etc. And you surely to them will get, because "Oh, happiness!", they will give you this most long-awaited hope.
Review of the movie Return of musketeers Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Возвращение мушкетеровWho from us does not know these names – Athós, Porthos, Aramis and D'Artagnan? The well-known four – three musketeers and D'Artagnan perish in one day at unclear to the viewer circumstances, frankly badly playing the death. And all France at once is defenseless before uncountable evil forces.
We study business English It is useful to know
Учим деловой английскийThis article does not apply for the ultimate truth. You probably will not find in it ready solutions. It is rather an information to reflection which either will accept, or will reject. Let's understand a question of studying of business English, or as still speak - English for business.
The review of the movie the Millionaire from slums Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Миллионер из трущобGamal Malik – the native of the bottoms of the Indian society, the orphan boy which mother was killed because of religious prejudices. All the conscious life it and his brother made ends meet, millions of same little orphans and children of poor parents in this amazing country went on border between life and death, as well as.
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