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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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How to disguise spots Cosmetics and perfumery
Как замаскировать прыщиIn life of each girl or woman there is a problem of heat-spots or even acne rash. And it even not always depends on what type of skin it possesses, normal, dry, fat, combined – the heat-spot all the same will get out sooner or later. And most often it occurs well absolutely at the wrong time. offers the readers easy ways of masking of problems of skin.
Hairstyle hot scissors Hairstyles and hairdresses
Стрижка горячими ножницамиAt modern ecology, a way of life and culture of food, the continuous, not always sparing coloring and infinite use of hair dryers and irons, heavy to keep health of hair if it is necessary to tell.
How to apply blush Cosmetics and perfumery
Как наносить румянаNot all women attach significance to blush, and it is vain. Blush – one of the major strokes in a make-up. They are capable both to spoil all efforts, and to bring a highlight in your appearance, to emphasize advantages and to hide shortcomings. The site suggests to understand a set of nuances of putting blush and will open the most intimate councils which will turn you into the beauty queen.
How to take away the drooped skin Beauty and health
Как убрать обвисшую кожуOne of the reasons on which many girls who need to dump not less than 10 kilograms of excess weight elementary are afraid to grow thin, along with that dream to find a slim figure, loss of elasticity of skin is. This fear occurs because skin after weight loss can droop, and despite the outlined waist the esthetic type of skin will leave much to be desired.
Make-up for small eyes Beauty and health
Макияж для маленьких глазThe true woman, having perfectly studied all the shortcomings, does not take offense at the nature and does not blame for all misfortunes genes - she throws down them a challenge! Waists are not present? More tightly we will tighten a corbel! Hair rather thin? Let's twist! Eyes small? Let's draw more! Let's roll!
Choice of brushes for a make-up Cosmetics and perfumery
Выбор кистей для макияжа"Wow, how many beautiful brushes and what all of them different!", - one customer told, having seen in shop of cosmetics sets with a set of brushes for a make-up. Honestly, and for what them it is necessary so much? And as it is correct to pick up a brush for blush, for powder, for shadows and for putting lipstick, we now also will understand.
With what to carry jack boots Clothes
С чем носить ботфортыJack boots (fr. bottes fortes) — the cavalry boots with high tops having above attached valves (bells) closing a knee. Sounds not really romantically.
How to get rid of a back spots Beauty and health
Как избавиться от прыщей на спинеElastic clean skin was always considered as the main condition of all canons of beauty. Therefore in this century of the highest development medical and cosmetic technologies, apparently, are not present and there cannot be no problem which would not respond to treatment and decorative adjustment. On the contrary, people who long and unsuccessfully try to clear the skin of spots will object.
Can massage Beauty and health
Баночный массажThe few become winners in fight against cellulitis, unfortunately. And if become, not forever - any minute opposite poles again will return on favourite legs! Therefore to us, women, it is always necessary to be on the alert. Today will tell the readers about all secrets and subtleties of can massage for elimination of cellulitis and maintenance of a body in a tone.
Masks from wrinkles round eyes Beauty and health
Маски от морщин вокруг глазThe very first wrinkles which with chagrin notices at himself the woman is wrinkles round eyes. Someone notes their emergence at rather early age – till 25 years (mimic wrinkles are capable to afflict even 18 summer girl), at someone they appear much later, but regardless of it, they are practically capable to enter any woman into a panic state.
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