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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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Face peel
Чистка лицаRefer various procedures which are connected with removal of inflammations on skin, eels, heat-spots and other small troubles to face peel. One of the procedures connected with face peel can consider also peelings which also delete the become lifeless cages and stimulate updating and rejuvenation of face skin. Initially its rasparivaniye was considered as face peel.
How quickly to grow thin before holiday
Как быстро похудеть перед отпускомYou did not think yet how to get rid of extra kilos? Then this article especially for you! In it will make recommendations as quickly and effectively to make a body tightened and beautiful at most in two weeks. Following these recommendations, in two weeks you will be able to dump from 4 to 8 kg, strengthen muscles of a back, a stomach and feet.
How to do depilation
Как делать депиляциюEach woman always wants to look ideally therefore she always tries to watch herself. One of the main problems is smooth skin of feet, zones of bikini and armpits. We women always watch that on these places there were no hair especially as men not only like to look at beautiful female legs but also to touch them.
How to grow thin after the delivery
Как похудеть после родовThis question, undoubtedly, disturbs each young mother. That was added for pregnancy in a waist and hips, for some reason after the delivery did not evaporate … And what now to do? How to grow thin after the delivery and to become again a harmonous birch? For weight loss there is a mass of ways. Will tell about it.
Treatment by oxygen (kislorodoterapiya)
Лечение кислородом (кислородотерапия)In modern life oxygen became not simply one of the elements necessary for normal activity, and medicine of healing from a set of diseases. In this quality oxygen is applied in the different ways – both internally, and outwardly. The uniform sense of any procedure of a kislorodoterapiya consists in saturation by oxygen of an organism or its separate fabrics.
Myths about fat burning
Мифы о сжигании жираThe whole world is puzzled with questions of excess weight. As mushrooms breed articles about various techniques of burning of fat, about wonderful disappearance of a stomach by means of any cucumber diet or about full disposal of cellulitis of the eighty-year-old housewife. Let's sort on fingers some of the most widespread myths about weight loss.
How to slow down aging process
Как замедлить процесс старенияFor increase in life expectancy was considered necessary to show a minimum of physical activity. Further the theory was insolvent. Today some main evidence-based theories of aging on the basis of which will give advice that who wants to prolong youth of the organism are formulated.
How to choose a massage chair
Как выбрать массажное креслоHow the countries of the West realized massage force, east countries with wisdom inherent in them always used it. Today in fashion the correct way of life, a good health - guarantee of vital success and prosperity. The successful, so happy person, is well-groomed, tightened and hardy. Therefore the massage chair became prestigious acquisition.
Councils for a toothpaste choice
Советы по выбору зубной пастыIf in a choice of soap, shampoo, shower gel and other means of hygiene we are guided by exclusively personal preferences, at a choice of conditioning agents behind an oral cavity it is necessary to remember that we choose for ourselves medicine. It concerns, first of all, toothpaste which wrong choice not only will not solve the existing problems, but will create the new.
Gymnastics for the person
Гимнастика для лицаCare of face skin and became a century necessary procedure for ladies of all age long ago, but treacherous wrinkles are not exterminated by one creams. To delay emergence of these unpleasant signs of age, it is necessary not to allow flabbinesses of skin, to keep face muscles in a tone. suggests you to begin fight for elasticity of skin right now!
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