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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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Massage tables - how to choose a suitable table
Массажные столы - как выбрать подходящий столThe bed helps the doctor at treatment of the patient. In particular, if this doctor massage therapist or manual therapist. If to be more exact, we mean not a usual bed, but a hi-tech massage table, looking on which understand, what not all tables are identical. Therefore we will tell, than they differ from each other, and we will give some advice how to choose the suitable.
The help at a choice of a massage chair
Помощь при выборе массажного креслаThe first-ever full-fledged robot doctor, namely it is also a hi-tech massage chair, appeared in Japan. Certainly, pragmatic Americans could not stand aside, and in the market of chairs of the American production long it was not necessary to wait for emergence. Only the consumer benefited from it. However availability of robots massage therapists generated also a choice problem.
How to be recoloured from the brunette in the blonde
Как перекраситься из брюнетки в блондинкуSometimes simple popryadny clarification at temples changes accents in the general invoice of appearance. What and to speak about cardinal decisions: from a light brown type in copper, from the ashy brown-haired person in the brown-haired person with red nuance. In this article we will advise what to do in case of quite widespread female whim "I want from the brunette in the blonde!".
Pedicure in house conditions
Педикюр в домашних условияхProbably, many women will agree that we pay to face care a maximum of the attention. But here, unfortunately, often we do not attach to a pedicure any special significance. The matter is that you will not call simple washing of feet and trimming of nails a pedicure. The pedicure includes full complex on care of nails standing, behind heels and behind all skin of foot in general.
Rules of intimate hygiene
Правила интимной гигиеныIn the childhood hands before food learned to wash all of us, to brush teeth before going to bed and to cut nails of times a week. But very few people parents told about hygiene of an intimate zone, and after all non-compliance with these elementary rules can lead to a set of unpleasant diseases. About why it is so important to follow regularly rules of intimate hygiene and as to do it, read in article.
Care of a neck and area of a decollete
Уход за шеей и областью декольтеThe watching herself, well-groomed woman cannot be ugly. Naturally, our natural beauty is very vulnerable and needs a permanent care. And so far as concerns a neck and area of a decollete, here leaving is required especially careful. Otherwise already to 30-that to years skin loses the fresh complexion. To avoid it, start looking after a neck directly today.
Care of male skin
Уход за мужской кожейSeveral years ago the phrase "man's cosmetics" caused sincere misunderstanding and even bewilderment. And today the cosmetic arsenal of the man at best consists of shaving foam, cream after shaving and soap for washing. And after all use of necessary cosmetics promotes preservation not only youth, but also health of skin of the man.
How to make lips chubby
Как сделать губы пухлымиBeautiful juicy sponges are not only the fashion, is a symbol of sexuality, youth, and also result of the correct care of skin of lips. Of course, the form and the size of lips is predetermined genetically, whom than the nature awarded, but careful leaving and a competent make-up are capable to work wonders. Think of plastic surgery? Hold your horses!
Care of a body in a bath
Уход за телом в банеBathing procedures make salutary impact on an organism in general, the body is exempted from the collected slags, skin is cleared, there is a feeling of harmony of a body and spirit. Therefore to go to a bath, pleasantly to take a steam bath and it is useful for people of any age. In this article I want to share the experience applications in a bath of various means for improvement of properties of skin.
Rules of a healthy sleep
Правила здорового снаHow many it is necessary for the person to sleep, in how many to lay down? Whether the dream is so necessary for the person or it is a habit of which it is possible to get rid? How to struggle with sleeplessness? I will try to answer readers of in this article these and many other questions.
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