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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Types of tattoos Beauty and health
Виды татуировокFor a long time the tattoo was considered as the special symbol distinguishing her owner from people around. Here and today by means of a tattoo of people declares the identity, shows a special mentality and gives to the appearance unusual appearance.
Biohairdressing of the Hairstyle and hairdress
Биозавивка волосWho from us never dreamed to have magnificent ringlets or small ringlets? Especially, if the fine hair, "liquid" and deprived of volume. It was one option earlier – in such situation only "chemistry" helped out. And today for women of fashion there is a huge number of opportunities to look as the Hollywood beauties.
Pigmentation of skin Beauty and health
Пигментация кожиHaving seen a brown spot on a face, the person starts worrying and trying to get rid of it. Campaigns in known beauty shops, expensive procedures... Whether it is so easy to get rid of pigmentary spots on skin and why they arise, today will tell you
Gold threads in cosmetology Beauty and health
Золотые нити в косметологииAspiration to be pleasant at a female in blood. No wonder that at all times women tried to keep youth and beauty as it is possible more long. At times ways of rejuvenation gained very extravagant character. For example, the Hungarian countess Elizabeth Batori got the nickname Bloody because of the passionate hobby to bathe in blood of virgins to have the fresh and shining appearance.
With what to wear a long skirt Clothes
С чем носить длинную юбкуLong skirts were not for nothing fallen in love to representatives of a fine half of mankind, after all with their help it is possible to create a unique and elegant image and that is important, this type of clothes allows to feel most conveniently and comfortably. However that the dress looked effectively, it is necessary to know with what it is better to combine a long skirt.
Cuff links: councils, rules, recommendations of stylists Accessories
Запонки: советы, правила, рекомендации стилистовCuff links – a surprising accessory which was always considered as destiny of the elite. Cuff links exist long ago, their first emergence refer to the XVII century. Since then, they, of course, strongly changed, and the most popular lock of fastening of cuff links appeared in 1924.
Socks for a peeling Beauty and health
Носочки для пилингаThe other day my colleague told me about the visit to beauty shop. It appears, now there was a new procedure of care of feet. It is a special pedicure with fruit acid. Such chemical peeling costs expensive, but there is more effective remedy which proved on "hurrah" - socks for a peeling.
Plazmolifting Beauty and health
ПлазмолифтингThe medicine does not stand still, also the cosmetology keeps up to date. Today our story how to return former youth of the skin without operation. will tell you of a new technique of rejuvenation – a plazmolifting.
How to define skin type Beauty and health
Как определить тип кожиEach woman dreams to have beautiful skin, but, as we know, not each woman was so lucky. Of course, genes cannot be changed, but knowing for certain type of the skin to us quite on forces considerably to improve its state and appearance.
How to get rid of callosities standing Beauty and health
Как избавиться от мозолей на ногах"And again trod on corns". Expression is familiar? Today together with we will talk about imperceptible, but in too time giving a lot of inconvenience defect – about callosities as to get rid of them and that it is necessary to do that they did not appear.
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