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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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Botox – youth injections
Ботокс – инъекции молодостиWrinkles do not decorate the woman. They give out age, character, habits. But, unfortunately, even professional care of skin will not be able to make us forever young. How to get rid of wrinkles by means of Botox injections, I will tell in article. Only at once it should be noted that their efficiency is strictly individual. But with each subsequent prick the effect "collects".
We choose a massage chair!
Выбираем массажное кресло!The first-ever full-fledged robot doctor, namely it is also a hi-tech massage chair, appeared in Japan. Certainly, pragmatic Americans could not stand aside, and in the market of chairs of the American production long it was not necessary to wait for emergence. Only the consumer benefited from it. However availability of robots massage therapists generated also a choice problem.
Pigmentation of skin during pregnancy
Пигментация кожи во время беременностиDuring the second pregnancy faced such very unpleasant phenomenon as pigmentation. Despite all my shifts, having returned from a week trip at the sea, I with horror found big light brown spots on a forehead and cheekbones, and on a nose of a freckle increased and started merging. Having visited the cosmetologist and having studied information, understood for herself some moments.
Healthy lifestyle
Здоровый образ жизни What is the Healthy lifestyle? And what enters it? With what to begin? And the most important how to begin? I asked these questions to myself when decided to change itself and the life to the best. Today for anybody not a secret that such the Healthy lifestyle. It: healthy nutrition, correct day regimen, healthy and sound sleep, physical activities and personal care.
Hardening water
Закаливание водойHealth and only health is value number one in the world, it needs to be protected. And meanwhile it is possible not only to support health. It is possible to increase many times organism resilience to viruses, and to forget that there are doctors and drugs. Afford such only the person which organism is stronger than external factors, the tempered person can.
How to look much younger
Как выглядеть моложе своих летThe desire to look younger – is absolutely natural to each woman; its execution – one of foremost conditions of female happiness. If you want that anybody and never guessed "terrible" figures in your passport on your person, stop spoiling it in the childhood. It is possible to start "to freeze age" at any time, but the earlier will start it doing, the better.
How to restore skin after winter
Как восстановить кожу после зимыThe spring goes, spring the road! It seems that at this time all have to waken from a dream and rejoice to sunshine. But in practice not everything is so iridescent. After winter many women are dissatisfied with a condition of the skin. On it there is an irritation, reddening. And to restore the skin after winter not so simply. Each site of a body requires the leaving.
How to keep the weight after weight loss
Как сохранить свой вес после похуденияThis article is designed for women who seek to lose excess weight at any cost, but for some reason anything it is impossible to them. And it at all made efforts. Diets, campaigns to sports halls, morning jogs, any food "miracle" additives. The effect, of course, is. But not in all cases and for a while. The question of control of a body weight remains not solved.
How to get rid of freckles
Как избавиться от веснушекFreckles most often are an indicator of uneven distribution of melanin – a special skin pigment. These lovely specks on a face give you identity. But in certain cases owners "a sun otmetinok" are dissatisfied in the way and in every possible way try to get rid of freckles. As to make it, we will tell in article.
We choose a massage table
Выбираем массажный столRecently massage tables are in demand not only for experts. Many people periodically resort to massage services as to a way of restoration, a relaxation and treatment of illnesses. For them own table becomes rather necessary subject of use allowing to simplify search of the massage therapist and thus to save on the cost of procedures.
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