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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Codiaeum, leaving and reproduction
Кротон, уход и размножениеCodiaeum, despite quite strong look, treats those flowers about which it is possible to tell "We in the answer for those who was tamed". The plant needs constant attention and careful leaving. The codiaeum unattractively blossoms and in room conditions is rather rare. The main ornament are multi-colored motley leaves.
Care of an aloe
Уход за алоэThe aloe so frequent inhabitant of our window sills that in consciousness he practically merges with an interior. It seems, even the child knows about useful properties of a century plant, but is frequent in search of miracle ointments and creams we pass by this really surprising plant. In room conditions grow up an aloe treelike – it and is called as a century plant.
Care of a monetary tree
Уход за денежным деревомNot all know a plant under the name "crassula" and the more so "krassula", but almost everyone will tell how the monetary tree looks. As tells the hair dryer-shuy, this tree can correct a financial position if to place it in well lit wealth zone. Thus it is claimed that it is impossible to buy simply a ready tree, it needs most to be grown up from a sprout.
How to look after a dragon tree
Как ухаживать за драценойI got acquainted with a dragon tree incidentally, more precisely, voluntary forcibly. "Palmochka" to us with the husband was given by the mother-in-law. Fans of the blossoming houseplants can complain as much as necessary about absence at blossoming dragon trees, but, believe, a variety of coloring and a form of leaves, and also their arrangements will not force the owner of a dragon tree to miss.
Care of violets
Уход за фиалкамиMadly rich palette of color, variety of forms of flowers and leaves, rich exterior of this fragile floret rightfully do a saintpaulia by the main favourite of flower growers. The last conjure with an African violet already more than eyelid, and that in turn pleases us with fantastic beauty of the flowers and leaves covered with gentle brilliant fibers.
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