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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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How to choose fresh meat
Как выбрать свежее мясоEven buying products in expensive supermarkets, there is a risk to run into overdue goods. Especially you should not trust and be tempted on low cost of production. Neither the markets, nor shops do not give guarantees that the provisions will not be spoiled. Under the general concept "meat" it is considered to be muscles with bones, ligaments, fat, etc.
As it is correct to choose a water-melon
Как правильно выбрать арбузSometimes, that the bought water-melon causes disappointment – both not sweet it, and some too pale, even dry inside... And after all you so carefully chose it and the seller recommended. As to choose a water-melon not to be disappointed? After all the bad water-melon, for example, in which is available a surplus of nitrates, will do harm to your organism.
Recipe "Express shish kebab"
Рецепт «Экспресс-шашлык»Once, at the time of students, I happened to try unimaginably tasty shish kebab. It was prepared by my acquaintance – the Armenian. Long I inquired at it the recipe and when after all learned – was surprised, to such an extent it was simple. Since then passed more than ten years, and did not try a shish kebab more tasty.
Recipe of grain kvass
Рецепт хлебного квасаOur ancestors perfectly coped with summer thirst, without doing harm to the organism. Compotes, fruit drinks and of course kvass – here drinks which invigorate during any heat. Kvass not only tasty and cheap drink, but also basis for many most tasty dishes of Russian cuisine. For this reason suggests you to prepare this drink the hands.
The recipe of a duck with apples
Рецепт утки с яблокамиOn family celebrations or festive dinners always there is a wish to make not only a nourishing and beautiful, but also unusual dish. The duck possesses specific aroma, meat at her gentle and dense, she is more juicy than some chicken and it is more difficult to overdry it baking. suggests you to give for the next holiday on a table a ruddy and fragrant duck with apples.
Recipe of the Ukrainian borsch
Рецепт украинского борщаRecipes of a borsch the great variety, each region can brag of the special option of a borsch. He is trained on meat broths from any kinds of meat, on vegetable broths, with prunes, kvass and even fried fish! But the main ingredients of any borsch are a cabbage and beet which stew or boil separately, depending on a compounding.
Recipe of preparation of dolma
Рецепт приготовления долмыTraditional east dish – dolma in grape leaves can become "highlight" of a holiday table! offers you article how to prepare this surprising dish. Moreover, today we will consider two classical recipes of dolma in grape leaves: at first with mutton, and then and with rice are traditional recipes of Dolma of Sarm.
Recipe of motley meat crew
Рецепт сборной мясной солянкиRussian cabbage soup, rassolniks, different types of fish soup, various noodles and solyanka gained the international popularity for a long time. But today would like to remind of one type of soup which on an equal basis with Russian cabbage soup became a peculiar card of Russian cuisine. It is solyanka. We suggest you to diversify the house menu with the recipe of motley meat crew.
Recipe of Caesar Salad
Рецепт салата ЦезарьWorld-wide popular Caesar Salad pleases already almost like whole century inhabitants of America and Europe. To us this remarkable salad came not so long ago, but already managed to be fallen in love sincerely. In this article from it will be a question how to prepare "Caesar" – salad which is capable to compete on a holiday table even with the "Russian salad" which is so loved by all.
Recipe of a burrito
Рецепт бурритоYou love Mexican cuisine? The very few will answer in the affirmative this question. suggests you to be convinced that the burrito it is simple, tasty, nourishing and original. Of course, our option of a burrito will be more democratized in comparison with the traditional Mexican recipe, but we will strictly observe technology.
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