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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Coral peeling Beauty and health
Коралловый пилингThe spring at most of people causes keen desire to change the appearance to the best. Especially it concerns women. With the first warm beams of the sun, beauty shops open the doors more widely. One of the last new trends which can offer you there is a coral peeling.
Fashionable bags 2014 Accessories
Модные сумки 2014Here not the first ten years a bag is one of the main components of clothes of the woman. And its functionality far is not limited today to carrying of the most necessary things.
Bathtub with soda for weight loss Beauty and health
Ванна с содой для похуденияAll of us want to be harmonous and beautiful, but sometimes so laziness to exhaust itself campaigns to the sports hall and to exhaust a stomach with hungry diets … Today we will share with you effective and absolutely easy way of natural weight loss – by means of the heat weakening bath. What in it special? Add a little soda to water and feel on yourself its surprising influence.
How to become sexual Beauty and health
Как стать сексуальнойSome women mistakenly believe that absence of attention from men is covered in five (ten) extra kilos, inability to cook "kebab" and inability to distinguish Zhirinovsky from Zhvanetsky. And vainly try to be engaged in fitness, to study the book about tasty and healthy food and the political treatise of Aristotle "State".
Miostimulyation of a body Beauty and health
Миостимуляция телаHere and the spring came, and desires to be engaged and "go" on a diet - no. Work, house, kitchen. And such circulation every day. To give a couple of hours to itself and to go to a gym not always it turns out. Charging for lazy or a body miostimulyation became alternative to active weight loss. About all its advantages read in more detail in article.
Fractional fototermoliz Beauty and health
Фракционный фототермолизEach woman wants to look young and beautifully, especially if her age reached the golden mean. Many with the first signs of aging go to experts of laser surgery but if this option not for you, an optimum choice – to use a fractional fototermoliz.
Fashion for full 2014 Clothes
Мода для полных 2014Fashion trends of the XXI century dictate the rules. And they do not demand from the woman of excessive leanness any more as it was quite recently. On the contrary, on world podiums models with fine magnificent forms for a long time act. And the clothes for them do not concede to clothes for thin persons at all. Today suggests to understand that prepared for our smart readers of Fashion house.
How to narrow pores on a face Beauty and health
Как сузить поры на лицеAll women want to have beautiful and healthy skin. This beauty was given some by nature, and someone should fight for ideal skin zealously. There are different reasons of that face skin does not look ideally, but most of all beauties are annoyed by enlarged pores on a face. Unfortunately, this problem disturbs the most part of people on our planet, and it not only individuals of the fair sex.
Technology of hot manicure Beauty and health
Технология горячего маникюраNothing gives out age of the woman as not well-groomed hands. In order that skin was velvety, smooth and shining, beauty shops offer new procedure – hot manicure.
How quickly to grow an eyebrow Beauty and health
Как быстро отрастить бровиRemember how in "Office romance" the pretty secretary Verochka taught unsightly Lyudmila Prokofyevna? "The eyebrow has to be thin-thin as the thread with astonishment raised" - had to aspire to such ideal the Soviet woman. Today glossy magazines propagandize: the more natural eyebrows, the better look!
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