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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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Care of a breast
Уход за грудьюFor a long time disputes on parameters of an ideal breast are conducted, but still nobody came to a consensus. I consider and has to be! The ideal breast can be different, both big, and small, but its main distinctive feature is an elasticity and smartness. It turns out, each of us can become the owner of an ideal breast if it is correct to look after her.
How to grow thin in feet
Как похудеть в ногахWhat is the ideal feet? There is a simple test. Approach a mirror, put feet together in a position "heels together – socks separately". Adjoining, feet in certain places form four gleams. If you consider that you have full feet and you need urgently to grow thin in feet, the recommendations provided in article will help with the solution of your question.
How to grow thin in house conditions
Как похудеть в домашних условиях"How to grow thin?", "Why all can do, and I do not?", "What diet to choose?", "How not to break?" – all these questions are asked every day to themselves by millions of women worldwide. How to fight against the shortcomings so that not to be prevented from working and daily affairs, not to restrain itself in food and not to spend money for expensive sports halls? The exit is – to take care of the own life at home.
Chocolate wrapping
Шоколадное обертываниеChocolate wrapping – fine procedure. Thanks to valuable qualities of dark chocolate – each woman can become irresistible. To make a chocolate wrapping of all body – enough chocolate and the help of the loved one is required. And here the chocolate face pack or an anti-cellulite wrapping can be made independently.
Gelatinous masks for hair and the person
Желатиновые маски для волос и лицаOn the Internet the mass of house procedures – free analogs saloon is described. Recently became interested in miracle properties of gelatin. Tried on herself – it was pleasant! Use of gelatin in the form of masks considerably rejuvenates skin, tightens a face form. He affects hair also favorably – fills cracks in each filament, adds them the volume and gloss.
Beauty shop in house conditions: it is possible
Салон красоты в домашних условиях: это возможноToday numerous beauty shops offer services in personal care and the body. One of the most important procedures for girls and women is depilation, that is an epilation by means of wax. For saving of time and money this procedure can be done without problems houses independently. The main thing to choose time, convenient for occupation.
How to get rid of a greasy luster of skin
Как избавиться от жирного блеска кожиThere is a mass of cosmetology problems. But there is one which haunts thousands of people – the increased fat content of skin. How to fight and win against this trouble, and I want to share with readers. Do not think that I now will tell the recipe of wonderful cream and the "fat" problem will disappear. War with gloss – the complex action consisting of several necessary stages.
Relevance of a problem of disposal of excess weight
Актуальность проблемы избавления от лишнего весаMany modern young ladies are excited by a question of effective and fast weight loss. At times, we do not even notice how we gather extra kilos which fault is the improper and unbalanced feeding. How to grow thin, everyone solves itself. Today you have a possibility of selection of an individual diet, depending on personal features of an organism.
How to cure split ends of hair
Как вылечить секущиеся кончики волосHealthy hair are a not only attractive appearance, first of all, it is image of any person. To keep hair, behind them careful leaving is necessary. But conditions of modern life are far from the ideal. All this does not pass completely for your hair, they grow dull, become thinner, split, drop out. These problems are solved by systematic care of hair.
Motivation for weight loss
Мотивация для похуденияIt seems to me, each woman at least once in life aimed to lose weight, but not everyone reached it. Tiresome physical activities and restrictions in food would not be so heavy, if not an indispensable condition of their performance – a regularity and duration in time. If the problem in motivation and it falls, it is necessary to support her.
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