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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Tseloziya edge, cultivation and leaving
Целозия гребенчатая, выращивание и уходMy tseloziya edge from early escapes and before the end of blossoming pleased with such violence of paints that there was no wish to let go the camera, fixing the next new bend of an inflorescence. And after me all it seemed that they become more fluffy, or that soon already absolutely will fade – and to blossoming there was no end. Very much I recommend this plant for a country site.
Cultivation of asters
Выращивание астр– one of long ago flowers known to people, their history totals asters about 2000. An aster sort from China, Mongolia, Korea and southwest part of the Far East. They at me indissolubly are associated with the childhood and with the grandmother. On our settlement was not the uniform yard near which asters would not grow.
Cultivation of a petunia
Выращивание петунииThe beauty a petunia perfectly looks in suspended pots of a cache-pot or balcony containers. It seems that it is simply created for this purpose. Gustovetvisty small stalks happen upright or creeping. The last, densely decorated with flowers, just very picturesquely fall for edges of capacity. But, meanwhile, on a bed or a bed the petunia looks not less attractively.
Cultivation of barkhatets
Выращивание бархатцевBarkhattsa (Tagetes) – often terry florets with velyurovy petals which in common people on Ukrainian of manners are called by "chernobryvets". These flowers are very drought-resistant, thermophilic and quickly grow. Can quite grow and in penumbras shadows, a bright sunlight – not the so indispensable condition, but the most magnificent blossoming, of course, happens on solar places.
Amaryllis and Hippeastrum, rules of leaving
Амариллис и гиппеаструм, правила уходаTelling about one of them it is necessary to mention other. All the matter is that this two handsome constantly confuses and gives out one for another. Actually the Amaryllis exists in the unique manifestation in the form of the Amaryllis of fine (Amaryllis belladonna) and meets seldom, unlike variety of types of hybrid Hippeastrums.
How to grow up carnations
Как выращивать гвоздикиI adore violence of flower paints! Especially, when one look set of shades. For the same reason every year I admire "ocean" a sokirok on all garden site, and the hand is not raised to break at least one even if it is very necessary. I adore gladioluses, roses and … carnations. There are so much variations, what it will become for certain boring not.
What flowers to plant at dacha
Какие цветы посадить на дачеGiving is an island of beauty and tranquillity. Passed those times when at dachas grew up potatoes and tomatoes, today on giving even more often go to have a rest. tells how without special efforts by means of flowers to turn giving into a heavenly spot. Flowers not only please us with the paints, they are capable to influence mood and even to treat diseases.
How to look after a yucca
Как ухаживать за юккойAs one of bright representatives of mini-trees for the house or a winter garden a yucca can quite replace any palm tree or a dragon tree. With the unpretentious beauty, the owner of magnificent krone it is really possible to relax, but, nevertheless, the plant will not create to the owner of problems, only if conditions of its contents and care of it are correct.
Cultivation of tulips, landing and leaving
Выращивание тюльпанов, посадка и уходEspecially popular flowers in gardens of our latitudes are tulips. Such acquaintances since the childhood, they can be met practically on each city bed. Besides the beauty, than tulips, so it existence of grades which easily can be grown up in the room are still remarkable.
Kitchen garden on a window sill
Огород на подоконникеThere are such people who adore looking after plants. And if in the summer at their order of a bed and bed to occupy itself there is nothing in the winter. And still there are careful mothers grandmothers who even want to treat native with natural greens and fruit in the winter. Both for those, and for other Mirsovetov tells how to get a kitchen garden on a window sill.
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