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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Recipe of salad Turtle
Рецепт салата ЧерепахаOne more salad which will for a long time be remembered to your guests by the registration. We hope not only to these. This pleasant fresh snack salad will please with the easy taste. And present, what delight will be caused by this nice "turtle" on a children's holiday. The recipe from with step-by-step photos.
Recipe of salad Pineapple
Рецепт салата Ананас continues a series of original salads. Today we offer you the recipe of light Pineapple chicken salad with step-by-step illustrations. It will be to the taste to fans of salads with sweetish taste. Salad is original as externally, and to taste. This recipe to me was told by my friend. Write down.
Recipe of salad Garnet bracelet
Рецепт салата Гранатовый браслетI offer readers of the step-by-step recipe of Garnet Bracelet salad. This salad has a huge number of pluses. First, it will perfectly decorate your table and will surprise guests. Secondly, you should not be spent. Salad I call "a meat fur coat", and ingredients in it the most usual.
Recipe of salad Mushroom glade
Рецепт салата Грибная полянаOne of the most reliable ways to make indelible impression on guests is to prepare Mushroom Glade salad which fascinated me during a festive lunch at one of my friends. And now I suggest all readers of together to try to prepare this salad.
Recipe of salad Monomakh's Cap
Рецепт салата Шапка МономахаToday it will be a question about smart, I even would tell, monumental salad pie. It is the real masterpiece, and believe, guests will estimate it. Salad meat, very nourishing also prepares in advance. Write down the new recipe from
Recipe of the Siberian pelmeni
Рецепт сибирских пельменейEven now, when in shops it is possible to buy semi-finished pelmeshka for every taste, many gather on kitchens together to stick pelmeni which and to eat with appetite in the good company. wants to bring the contribution in common cause and the recipe of the Siberian pelmeni brings to your attention.
How to choose olive oil
Как выбрать оливковое маслоThe olive tree started being cultivated more than 6000 years ago. Often olive oil appears in recipes of the countries of the Mediterranean. Inhabitants of those places use it literally in all dishes and do not recommend to replace it with other vegetable oils. In this article suggests to look narrowly at widely advertized product more attentively.
Recipe of preparation of pancakes
Рецепт приготовления блиновPractically all of us since the childhood are familiar with pancakes. Here only in America pancakes magnificent and small, more similar to our fritters, in France – thin so that often fry them only on the one hand. And here most often mean pancakes by the "Russian" pancakes basic. Also will tell about preparation of the Russian pancakes of today.
Recipe of preparation of a domestic wine
Рецепт приготовления домашнего винаIn each family there is "a family recipe". In mine the recipe of production of a domestic wine passes from father to son. This tradition is more than fifty years old. Secrets of winemaking are transferred on the man's line, and only my father knows all nuances. This year and me it was succeeded "to spot" how there is a process.
Recipe of a pie Napoleon
Рецепт торта НаполеонDespite abundance of sweets in shops, we still look for recipes more interestingly to prepare them for the family. But for many families from all this variety most favourite will be a recipe of a pie of "Napoleon". too decided to bring to your attention the version of the recipe of this so popular pie.
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