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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Intimate epilation Beauty and health
Интимная эпиляцияIntimate epilation – a frivolous whim, a tribute to modern fashion or a practical note in sexual life? Today this type of "hairdresser's art" is at popularity peak. However, the intimate epilation was fashionable in those far times when beach beauties started sporting mini-bikini.
All pros and cons of purchase of the copy of hours of a known brand Accessories
Все «за» и «против» покупки копии часов известного брендаMany experts of marketing claim that if the XX century was considered as time of originals, the XXI century is time of copies. If to assess situations in all spheres of life including in marketing, it becomes clear, how many the truth it is covered in this expression.
Masks for skin round eyes Beauty and health
Маски для кожи вокруг глазThe shining appearance of skin round eyes is directly proportional to timely careful leaving which we render to it. It is the most delicate zone on a face, and it will not suffer negligence.
Respiratory gymnastics for weight loss Beauty and health
Дыхательная гимнастика для похуденияBelieve it or not, but many people who are wishing to grow thin and having everything indications for this purpose do not hurry to be engaged in physical exercises only because of the uncertainty in themselves. They so do not believe in the forces that are in advance adjusted on defeat.
Ginger for weight loss Beauty and health
Имбирь для похуденияHow many diets tried and tablets those who dreams of a slim figure ate. And after all to achieve good result very simply, it is only necessary to limit itself in food, to play sports and... to drink ginger drink. Yes, this root works wonders in fight against excess fat.
Aging of the person: what to do to look younger Beauty and health
Старение лица: что делать, чтобы выглядеть моложеThe face and neck, as well as all body, are covered with muscles. Outlines and appearance of the person directly depend on their tone. With age many face muscles and necks which are actively participating in mimic activity are shortened, decrease in volume and are deformed, their tone weakens, skin starts drooping.
How to get rid of bags under eyes Beauty and health
Как избавиться от мешков под глазамиAs if well you did not get enough sleep, did not use qualitative cosmetics but if you have bags under eyes, the person will look all the same tired. The reasons can be the most different and, respectively, it is possible to fight against them in the surgical way or by national methods.
How to make eyes the Beauty and health is more
Как сделать глаза большеBeautiful eyes are a dream of many women, after all most often we focus attention to them. But, unfortunately, sometimes the nature precipitately "forgets" to allocate women with the correct section and proportional forms.
Cosmetic ice for the person Beauty and health
Косметический лед для лицаOur skin very much loves water. It with gratitude accepts reviver of bathing steam, the invigorating washings in the mornings and heat baths before going to bed. All cosmetic water procedures do well only to our beauty and health.
Treatment of a demodekoz Beauty and health
Лечение демодекозаIn the middle of the spring in drugstores great demand for preparations for treatment of plentiful rashes and pustulous inflammations on face skin is noted. And much do not know that the reason for that can become demodekoz - a parasitic disease of skin.
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