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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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Means for growth of eyelashes
Средства для роста ресницIt is known that eyes is a window to the soul. The beauty of eyes depends on their form, color and, of course, eyelashes. Eyelashes give to a look expressiveness and special appeal. Long dense eyelashes dream of many girls, but, unfortunately, not all got such gift from the birth. In cultivation of dense fluffy eyelashes hygiene and everyday leaving is important.
How to get rid of the second chin
Как избавиться от второго подбородкаIf the person has problems with a figure, they can be disguised by means of clothes. And if it is about the second chin, you will not hide this shortcoming anything. Also it is necessary to make certain efforts that to get rid of it. In article the most effective ways directed on correction of the lower part of a face form and reduction of the second chin are collected.
Massage chair and the vibrating massager – the best means of fight against extra kilos
Массажное кресло и вибромассажер – лучшие средства борьбы с лишними килограммамиReasons of emergence of excess weight much. It is possible to find a slim figure and to strengthen health only, combining the balanced food with regular trainings sport. Worthy alternative to physical activities are sessions of professional massage with use of masseurs of new generation – a massage chair and the vibrating massager.
Biorevitalization, rejuvenation of skin
Биоревитализация, омоложение кожиPerhaps, every first female person will support Frenchwoman Brigitte Bardot who once told: "There is no work heavier, than to try to look beautiful since eight mornings till midnight!". How to keep appeal and youth, everyone reflects. Today a set of procedures which are capable to return beauty. Another thing is that in them it is more – advantage or harm?
Masks and srubs from coffee
Маски и скрабы из кофеCoffee is known not only the invigorating property, it is rich with minerals and microcells, many of which are very useful to skin and therefore it can be used as house cosmetics. Masks, srubs, and also the anti-cellulite means prepared on the basis of coffee are very effective in face care and a body.
Nail extension by gel in house conditions
Наращивание ногтей гелем в домашних условияхThat our marigold became beautiful and long, we have to be defined: or to strengthen the nails by means of almost free house procedures and it is regular to look after them, or to spend for purchase of tools for extension of gel nails, to master technology and to make independent building of times a month.
Vodoroslevy wrapping
Водорослевое обертываниеThe wrapping is popular a Spa procedure for women who want to put the figure in order, to lose some kilogram, to tighten skin, and, so and to get rid of extensions. In addition a vodoroslevy wrapping – fine opportunity to have a rest. Not without reason the wrapping is used by seaweed in China throughout many centuries.
How to grow thin in hips
Как похудеть в бедрахProblem of many women are fatty deposits in hips, and fat is postponed there easily and quickly, and to get rid of it sometimes very difficult. The inactive way of life and improper feeding are guilty of it. In article effective recommendations for the women wishing to grow thin in hips are collected. We guarantee – you surely will be pleasant to yourself and people around.
How to gather in a stomach to the man
Как убрать живот мужчинеThe reasons for which the man has a stomach, can be different, but methods of fight against it are almost identical to all. The pot-belly is not only it is ugly, it also the considerable excess weight that is in turn very unhealthy. Our task not only to gather in a stomach, but not to allow it to grow again. You have satisfaction from result, will see changes in a body.
Cosmetics for nails
Косметика для ногтейThe image of the modern person, the man it or the woman, is not complete if it has not well-groomed nails. Beautiful nails are, first of all, healthy nails. And their health depends on many factors: heredities, ecology, features of work, food, and also how to look after them. Sometimes incorrectly made manicure can lead to problems with nails.
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