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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Streptokarpus, leaving and cultivation
Стрептокарпус, уход и выращиваниеWith streptokarpusy I got acquainted a few years ago and, strangely enough, our first meeting did not leave in me any trace. The flower seen by me was the child and the hand bell did not impress me – too simple there was a coloring. But when I attended an exhibition gesneriyevy, I was stupefied with all this beauty, and streptokarpus strongly sat down at my heart.
How to choose a flowerpot
Как выбрать цветочный горшокInvariable attribute of design of the apartment, office or any room – flowers. They are pleasing to our eye the beauty, forcing bad mood to disappear, to a smile to appear on a face and I smother to start singing. But today we will talk not about flowers, and about their "lodge", i.e. flowerpots. Like such the simple and inconspicuous subject, and demands careful approach to its choice.
Falenopsis, leaving and cultivation
Фаленопсис, уход и выращиваниеFalenopsis is that orchid with which it is necessary to create own collection of orchids. At least, so I consider. Those who gets falenopsis, cannot get out of so captivating "grid" of orchids any more, filling up the collection not only simple, but also quite expensive copies. And I, making use of knowledge and the experience, I will in detail tell about care of this plant.
Care of a sanseviyeriya
Уход за сансевиериейSanseviyeriya – one of the most unpretentious plants and, besides, one of very useful as perfectly clears air of harmful substances. It is possible to put a sanseviyeriya anywhere as parts of the world and lighting for it have special value. At me some sanseviyeriya grow in the apartment at once. Very first from them – about 12 years.
How to get rid of weeds
Как избавиться от сорняковFor the first time this "headache" of the gardener made before me a green stand in the summer of last year. As the person which knowledge of agriculture was limited to watering and change of window plants, I marveled to a variety of weeds which eared on our site. With envy looking at clean ogorodik of neighbors, I too began resolute approach.
Care of a kalanchoe
Уход за каланхоэThe kalanchoe is, probably, the most known houseplant after an aloe. Seldom who did not hear about its curative properties, about an amusing way of reproduction by children. At the huge flower auctions in Holland a kalanchoe – the leader in sales among houseplants. Yes, these plants won love of flower growers for the unpretentiousness and beautiful, long blossoming.
Pest control of houseplants
Борьба с вредителями комнатных растенийAll live on the earth has own enemies. Houseplants are not an exception to the rules. Various insects wreckers try to damage and strike window plants, detain them development, destroy deciduous krone and escapes. The strengthened war with them will allow not only to rescue vegetation, but also to present it long life!
Care of houseplants
Уход за комнатными растениямиIn the house where there is no live vegetation, it will never be rather cozy. Plants clear and moisten air, pathogenic microbes kill, refresh an interior. And how many pleasure and a pacification delivers to the person the blossoming plants! But that greens really were pleasing to the eye, behind it the permanent care is necessary.
Cultivation Cannes
Выращивание канныIt is difficult to imagine a flower which could also effectively as Cannes, to become the center of a garden bed. Beds: growing up the Cannes on a small bed, I was convinced that such handsome requires also a place corresponding. Surprisingly, but Cannes it can be grown up and as a houseplant, and therefore it is very good for a winter garden.
Diseases of houseplants
Заболевания комнатных растенийDiseases of houseplants happen several types. For each of them there are methods of treatment and prevention which success consists in reasonable use podkormok, watering timely moderately and the attentive attitude towards the green pet. Then you will be able to prevent further distribution of a disease or to stop it at early stages of development.
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