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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Recipe of cheese soup
Рецепт сырного супаIt is good when in the refrigerator there is a soup pan. Of course, it is possible to do without soup at all, it is possible to cook any krupyany soup, and it is possible to cook nourishing, beautiful and unusual cheese soup for the same time. For its preparation you will need absolutely simple set of products and the recipe which willingly provides you
The recipe of a honey pie with the swept-away cream
Рецепт медового торта со сметанным кремомWith honey preserve vegetables, extinguish and bake meat and a bird, do sauces to fish. The pastries with addition of honey differ in tremendous aroma, beautiful color and characteristic caramel smack. Recipes of gingerbreads, cookies and pies with honey addition great variety, and today would like to bring to your attention one of recipes of a honey pie.
The recipe of a jelly from pork legs
Рецепт холодца из свиных ножекThe jelly is sold along with snack and salads, but a dish very nourishing, nutritious. It possesses the special taste which is combined, perhaps, only with seasonings. The jelly can become not only snack on a holiday table, but also a nourishing dinner for all family. Try to prepare this dish according to the recipe of
The recipe of pies with cabbage on the bezdrozhzhevy father-in-law
Рецепт пирожков с капустой на бездрожжевом тестеPies are a fine way to feed all family with a tasty and nourishing dinner. This dish is loved by both adults, and children. What to do if there was a wish for some pies, and in the house there is no in advance bought yeast and long to potter a reluctance? In that case it is necessary to prepare pies from bezdrozhzhevy dough which for their simplicity and economy called "Anti-recessionary".
The recipe of the pork baked in a foil
Рецепт свинины, запеченной в фольгеFor reception of guests of the house important that the cooled-down meat dish was same tasty, as well as it is hotter. And here it is a high time to remember the pork baked in a foil. brings to your attention one of options of preparation of this tasty and gentle meat dish.
Recipe of soup with quenelles
Рецепт супа с фрикаделькамиToday wants to please with the recipe of fans of meat, nourishing and rich soups. By right it is considered one of the most tasty first courses quenelles soup. Many are suspicious of preparation of this soup since are afraid that it prepares long, and quenelles can collapse and all works will come to nothing.
Recipe of preparation of chebureks
Рецепт приготовления чебурековEveryone who had a rest in the Crimea or in the Caucasus, for certain tried chebureks. brings to your attention one of recipes of this dish. And let we cannot precisely call its belonging to a certain kitchen, but we warrant for simplicity of production and good taste of ready chebureks.
Recipes of salads from squids
Рецепты салатов из кальмаровThere is an opinion that inhabitants of the Mediterranean differ in a good health, fine complexion and longevity because eat a lot of fish and seafood. At us too even more often use seafood. picked up for you some recipes which will help this seafood to open the taste fully.
Recipe of cottage cheese casserole
Рецепт творожной запеканкиCottage cheese casserole, this dish with which many of us got acquainted already in kindergarten, causes the most different memoirs. Someone looks for the recipe that "baked pudding as in a garden", someone and does not want to hear about this dish. But nevertheless give to cottage cheese casserole one more chance and try to prepare this dish according to our recipe.
Recipe of salad Mimosa
Рецепт салата МимозаWhat you know puff salads? For certain "Herring under a fur coat", "A garnet bracelet" or "A mushroom clearing" will be called the most popular puff salad everything known. intends to bring Mimosa salad out of a shadow and to show that it not simple one of the most gentle and tasty salads, but also an excellent dish both for festive, and for the daily menu.
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