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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Harbingers of childbirth Gynecology
Предвестники родовHaving seen the "positive" test for pregnancy, each woman starts watching all changes in an organism carefully. Especially attentively future mummy watches herself last month pregnancies when just about there is a long-awaited kid. Today will tell about harbingers of childbirth.
Treatment of a trophic ulcer Diseases
Лечение трофической язвыTrophic ulcer call ulcer educations which arise because of violation of blood supply or a metabolism, often suppurate and long time do not heal. At once it is necessary to tell that the trophic ulcer is not considered as an independent disease because most often it develops in the form of complications of diabetes, atherosclerosis, a varicosity and other diseases.
Allergy to dust Other
Аллергия на пыльIn recent years the allergy to dust was widely adopted – such reaction is given out by a human body on the "house dust" which is present at any room so-called. The allergy to dust in the same way, as well as on other allergens irritants is shown: the person tests an indisposition, eyes water, there is a cold and sneezing.
How to clean vessels The other
Как почистить сосудыVessels of the person – one of the thinnest and vulnerable bodies. At the wrong way of life and some diseases and simply with age they can be killed, and blood on them will pass hardly and all organism will already suffer from it. Therefore it is important to watch their state and in time to clear.
Treatment of trachoma Diseases
Лечение трахомыTrachoma is a chronic inflammatory disease of a cornea of an eye and its mucous membrane. Perhaps, this one of the most unpleasant diseases of eyes. An inflammation at trachoma the usually bilateral. Thus there are small dense centers which are called as diffusion infiltrates.
Phytolysine, instruction on application Drugs
Фитолизин, инструкция по применениюStones in kidneys, infections of an urinary system, hypostases – these problems disturb many. In such cases it is necessary to try to use curative herbs for treatment. But what to do if there is no time for a zavarivaniye of infusions, preparation of tinctures? Then the phytopreparation, ready to the use, Fitolizin can help.
Treatment of a syndrome of the angry intestines Diseases
Лечение синдрома раздраженного кишечника"Hurts, itself I do not know where …" - each of us faced the similar. It is very difficult to calculate some diseases at the most colourful symptomatology. When the person feels unpleasant feelings in intestines, but laboratory research does not show any aberrations, speak about the syndrome of the angry intestines (SAI).
Asthma attacks The other
Приступы удушьяUnfortunately, asthma most often is a harbinger of the serious disease or result which is already existing. It can appear at any time and at visually healthy, quite young man. The attack is followed by fear of death, a panic, confusion. Today we will talk about symptomatology, the reasons and first aid at asthma.
Treatment of kleptomania The other
Лечение клептомании"Do not take the stranger! Theft – a grave sin", - was inspired in us since the childhood by parents. In a civilized society is not present and there cannot be a justification to this act. However, the medicine nevertheless does an exception for some people. A name to them – kleptomaniacs.
Use of absorbent carbon Drugs
Применение активированного угляBlack, tasteless tablets are familiar to us since the childhood: if there was a poisoning, mothers first of all gave us coal. Because it remarkably clears an organism of toxins. But on it its application does not come to an end but only begins.
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