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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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How to prepare a substratum for a falenopsis
Как приготовить субстрат для фаленопсиса Who is engaged in orchids, knows that such beauty demands many investments, work, care and finance. So, for example, the substratum for orchids costs quite much. But if it is good to think, it can be made independently, having spent only kopeks. As you know, the substratum for a falenopsis completely consists of bark, and for orchids it is necessary to take only pine bark.
How to look after a chlorophytum
Как ухаживать за хлорофитумомAmong constantly occupying our apartments and offices of flowers it is possible to allocate one very useful plant – a chlorophytum. In the people it is called "Air purifier", "Spider". By the experience, owing to the developed circumstances, I can tell that a chlorophytum practically "the flower which is not killed". Today I would like to tell about it, and also to give advice on leaving.
Care of a fuchsia
Уход за фуксиейFuchsias enjoy wide popularity worldwide. The types existing nowadays strike with the splendor and brightness of paints. Grow up a fuchsia both in pots, and in baskets, both for the room contents, and for decoration of a country site. Care of them is not difficult, and I will tell you about all necessary that you could decorate the house with such wonderful flower.
Care of a zephyranthes
Уход за зефирантесомMany houses have such small flower, foliage similar to small onions. Often it is called a house narcissus. Florets at a plant simple but when among foliage there is a cap of white buds – beauty simply indescribable. It is also a zephyranthes. One more name at a zephyranthes is "water lily", and at fans of flower growers it is known as "upstart".
Anturium, leaving and cultivation
Антуриум, уход и выращиваниеThe anturium belongs to Aronnikov' family. In translation from Latin the anturium means "flower" or "tail". It is interesting and attractive that throws out flowers all the year round. The flower is presented in the ear form (pink, yellow or white color) surrounded with a rigid cover. As I am the fan of orchids, noticeable similarity to them very pleased me.
Kliviya, leaving and cultivation
Кливия, уход и выращиваниеOnce a few years ago at work transplanted flowers and offered me a shoot of a plant which name I did not know. To force it to blossom long it was impossible to me. But one fine day I noticed an arrow among foliage, the plant thanked me for the correct care of it a huge sphere from 16 flowers. At me there lives the grade of a cinnabaric kliviya.
As it is correct to multiply violets a leaf
Как правильно размножить фиалки листомToday I will tell readers how it is correct to multiply a violet a leaf., It seems, anything difficult in it is not present: broke – put – watered. But actually there are some nuances and rules which are desirable for observing, especially if you decided to multiply any especially beautiful grade from your collection.
Cultivation of violets in house conditions
Выращивание фиалок в домашних условияхThe name of this wonderful flower comes from Latin "viola" and represents a sort of family of the fialkovy. In total in the world 500 kinds of violets are Bol. The most widespread – blue, violet, lilac, pink, white, red and lilac violets. It is not difficult to grow up this flower in house conditions at all and even it is interesting.
Spathiphyllum, leaving and cultivation
Спатифиллум, уход и выращиваниеA few years ago I had a spathiphyllum – a plant quite popular today. At first it was very low, such tiny, but over time strongly grew and turned into a smart flower. This so unpretentious plant that I even will advise beginners to begin the collection of window plants with it.
Gloxinia, leaving and cultivation
Глоксиния, уход и выращиваниеA lot more years back I saw the plant which is beautifully blossoming hand bells on a window sill of my grandmother. I then did not know the name. Whether the grandmother was the skilled worker, whether a grade grateful, but plants throw out a cap of huge hand bells to this day. I would like to tell about this flower today. So, get acquainted, a gloxinia.
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