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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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How to choose meat production
Как выбирать мясную продукциюContinuing a subject that it is necessary to know to choose qualitative food, we will stop on meat and meat production. Various sausages, sausages, sausages, meat delicacies, semi-finished products, canned food and, of course, meat belong to this grocery group. Unfortunately, today their quality leaves much to be desired.
How to choose dairy products
Как выбирать молочную продукциюMilk – extremely useful product. It contains digestible microcells, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, and fermented milk products are a source of bacteria, necessary for digestion. But whether there will be such useful dairy products which are on sale in our shops? How competently to choose dairy products – we will tell in this article.
How to define naturalness and quality of honey
Как определить натуральность и качество медаUnfortunately, in our times, an aura of mysteriousness and privacy it is inherent not only to honey, but also any product. It is very difficult to guess from what and in what conditions do that sell. There are some rather easy ways to check honey in some parameters, however, not everyone. Only the laboratory can give the fullest assessment.
The recipe of salad from vegetable marrows
Рецепт салата из кабачковYoung vegetable marrows will be necessary for us for salad preparation. Strong, medium-sized fruits with a light green thin skin can be not cleaned, on density the skin not too differs from the invoice of pulp. It is few sunflower seeds in young vegetable marrows, more precisely, they not ripened, soft and in the same way do not differ on a consistence.
Recipe of vareniki with cherry
Рецепт вареников с вишнейCherry dumplings is, partly, a sign of the come summer. They by right are considered as a masterpiece of the Ukrainian cookery. As nicely trained their Gogol Solokh! In what a secret and cunning of preparation of this "objedeniye"? Read further – today will slightly open a veil of secrecy of preparation of the real Ukrainian vareniki. The recipe in three secrets …
Recipe of salting of herring
Рецепт засолки селедкиOne of the most popular cold appetizers is herring. Slices of the fat salty herring sprinkled by oil and strewed with onions, are always present on our holiday tables. However, for dinner too quite often we give a boiled kartoshechka and herring. After all to draw and cut a herring – one of the easiest ways quickly to make a dinner.
The recipe of the pelengas stuffed
Рецепт пеленгаса фаршированногоWhen time comes to prepare fish, in the most popular way of preparation there is a frying. Recipes of the stuffed fish the great variety and today will present to your attention one of them. The value of the recipe consists not only in taste of a ready-made product, but also in the speed and simplicity of preparation.
Recipe of fresh-salted cucumbers
Рецепт малосольных огурцовThe person is arranged in such cunning way that later short time, having satisfied the first hunger, we start wanting something salty, ostrenky. And it is desirable that thus also the freshness of vegetables remained. If all aforesaid fully concerns to you, suggests to resolve a problem, having prepared fresh-salted cucumbers.
Recipe of preparation of eclairs
Рецепт приготовления эклеровSmall choux pastry are called as "eclairs". This French word and honor of opening of these round air cakes belongs to French. In any case, as official "father" of eclairs consider the French cook Mari-Antoine Carema. This culinary specialist living in the end of XVIII – the beginning of the XIX century presented to the world eclairs.
The recipe of paste from a liver
Рецепт паштета из печениBelieve, having tasted house paste, for example, from beef liver according to the recipe of, you are convinced that this not only tasty and not expensive dish but capable to decorate any table. After all liver pate can be smeared not simply on sandwiches, and to bake and slice, stuff with it eggs or pancakes and so on.
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