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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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As it is correct to make up nails Beauty and health
Как правильно красить ногтиOur hands issue about us all information: as strongly we are occupied as we do houseworks much, how carefully we look after ourselves. If correctly to do manicure, it will cease to take away too much time, and handles will always look accurate and well-cared.
Use of santalaceous oil Beauty and health
Применение сандалового маслаThe curative and restoring properties of oil of a sandal-wood tree were appreciated by different people of the world from an extreme antiquity. Strong, specific, at the same time noble aroma can be clear not at once to the nonspecialist, found the application both in cosmetology, and in a perfumery production line, and, of course, in medicine, as in ancient, and modern.
Use of oil shi Beauty and health
Применение масла шиTree reproach or shi grows in some African regions and it is called among locals "a life tree". And there is no wonder, after all its fruits, roots and bark are irreplaceable in cooking, medicines and soap. From pulp of fruits extract the unique oil known for the valuable properties.
What vitamins are necessary for hair Hairstyles and hairdresses
Какие витамины нужны для волосVitamins play an important role in life of each person. The lack of vitamins leads to sad consequences. Especially the hair loss during the spring period afflicts. How to avoid "molt" and to make hair brilliant and strong, will tell you
Advantages and shortcomings of ultrasonic cavitation Beauty and health
Преимущества и недостатки ультразвуковой кавитацииToday cellulitis and obesity are one of the most burning issues for many people. And excess weight influences not only beauty and youth, but also health of men and women from around the world.
How to improve complexion Beauty and health
Как улучшить цвет лицаIf you have a pale, unhealthy complexion, even the good cosmetics will not always be able to help out. With such skin the woman looks emaciated and unattractive. Therefore in the world thought up a set of ways how to improve complexion. It is necessary to help skin both outside, and from within.
With what to wear a jeans shirt Clothes
С чем носить джинсовую рубашкуWith arrival of spring before each girl quite sharply there is an immemorial question: "What to put on?". There is a wish to find a universal and original thing which would ideally be combined with other subjects of clothes and equally well was suitable both for daily socks, and for issue. Someone will tell that similar "miracle" does not exist, but it not so.
How to pierce ears in house conditions Beauty and health
Как проколоть уши в домашних условияхAlready you will surprise nobody with earrings in ears. It became now fashionable to both adults and babies to pierce ears. In salon such service costs expensive also many in the old manner wish to pierce ears independently. In this article will open to you a secret of performance of this procedure in house conditions.
Nail extension by biogel Beauty and health
Наращивание ногтей биогелемSlowly the fashion comes back to all natural. It touches also nails. Already does not cause delight in many a type of the increased artificial claws therefore in salons even more often began to offer such service as gel manicure.
How to make shampoo the hands Hairstyles and hairdresses
Как сделать шампунь своими рукамиAll of you still believe, what expensive store shampoo, according to advertizing, is capable to work wonders? Having got long-awaited wonderful means for considerable money, run in a bathroom, in hope having washed up hair, to see a shock of a brilliant thick and obedient hair, and gain a boomerang effect. How to be? To whom to trust? Try to make shampoo the hands.
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