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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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Face packs with honey
Маски для лица с медомAbout curative properties of honey have heard a lot all. Besides, that it perfectly treats catarrhal diseases, it still use in cosmetology, for example, it is possible to do face packs with honey. Honey is capable to return to skin a healthy look, a tone and to clean small wrinkles.
How to grow thin in a week
Как похудеть за неделюHow to grow thin in a week or to lose weight in 3-5 days? Who did not ask himself such question on the eve of an important meeting?! Girls are seldom happy with the figure — it seems to them that it is worth growing thin for unlimited number of kilograms and will become absolutely happy. collected recommendations of nutritionists for fast and safe weight loss.
Face packs with aspirin
Маски для лица с аспириномEach woman dreams of beautiful skin, but it is not so simple to achieve excellent result, especially if to go on salons for any expensive treatment at you is not present means and time. But not for nothing there is such saying which sense is that the person interested will find 1000 opportunities, but not wishing 1000 reasons.
What is the BB cream
Что такое BB кремIn Hollywood there is a joke that if the star claims that it without make-up then that did not do without BB cream use here. BB cream cardinally differs from simple voice-frequency means in that it is capable not only it is ideal to disguise imperfections of skin, and and is active to fight against them.
Glikolevy peeling
Гликолевый пилингThe aspiration to look good, irrespective of number of the lived years, and to look younger than the age is inherent in each woman is a cherished dream of each woman at all. Therefore choosing means which will be urged to fight against aging and various defects of skin, there is a wish to find that, the effect from which will be visible "on the person".
Green coffee for weight loss
Зеленый кофе для похуденияRecently the problem of excessive weight becomes more and more actual for most of inhabitants of the planet. No matter, with what the set of undesirable kilograms – improper feeding, stresses or diseases is connected.
Onions soup for weight loss
Луковый суп для похуденияMillions of the women dissatisfied with the figure are in continuous search of an ideal diet – not strict, harmless and very effective. recommends to all to try to grow thin by means of useful onions soup.
House face packs
Домашние маски для лицаIn this article it will be a question of remarkable cosmetics which are good, first, that for them to some extent each hostess always has ingredients in the refrigerator, and secondly, do not contain chemistry, preservatives and consist only of natural products. These are wonderful face packs which each woman easily and quickly can make houses independently.
Treatment of an acne
Лечение акнеIn this article it will be a question of such trouble as an acne (spots, comedones, papules and pustula on a face) from which emergence, alas, anybody is not insured. Article not about spots which attacked many at teenage age, and about a misfortune which sometimes arises at quite mature people, can absolutely appear during any period of life.
Linseed oil for weight loss
Льняное масло для похуденияMany think that the cherished dream of women – to meet the prince. On the contrary! The most important desire – to eat everything and not to recover! Reception of linseed oil it is obvious from this opera – any rigid diets and minus on scales. understood, whether it is so harmless to an organism and linseed oil is effective in weight loss.
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